Monday, February 20, 2012

Our very own Raymond Britton!

Raymond Britton
Our very own Raymond Britton, who started this blog and is from Donegal Town, is highlighted in a article in the Donegal Democrat about emigration. The article is written by his brother Matt Britton whose photography has been highlighted in some of the postings on Donegal Friends.

Raymond talks about growing up in Donegal Town in the 1970's, and emigrating to London where he now works as a HFC Network Engineer.
“Memories of Donegal in the early seventies remain vivid. In the town there was Fox’s General store and pub, I can recall the aromas of loose tea, tobacco and boiled ham which was cooked in a big pot in the kitchen shop; as you walked in through the door, you would be greeted by the smiling welcoming faces within. There was long worn wooden counter which spanned it’s length, covered in large glass jars full to the brim with boiled sweets, which you would be guaranteed to be offered in honor of your visit.


Anonymous said...

Ah that's a great article.
And sure Mick you could tell your own story of emigrating to Boston all those years ago just before you turned 21.We would never have let you go if we'd known you wouldn't be back until you had your green card all those years later.Jeannie/ sister

Mick T. said...

Sure I only came for the summer! It's just been a long summer. :)

I can imagine the same thing happening with another generation, or with multiple generations. All those bucks I knew out in Brighton Massachusetts who moved home after making enough money to build a house will probably be back looking for work.

Anonymous said...

There's a lovely interview with Martin mc allister on western waves for download as mp3. Jeannie