Monday, February 20, 2012

No more diddly-eiddly-de music drifting across the Diamond

Recently Quinlan's Newsagent's on the Diamond closed down. This week Melody Maker, the record/music shop, closed down.

Quinlan's has been on the Diamond for nearly 50 years, I remember going in there when I was kid as they used to have the huge big jars of various sweets! Kevin Quinlan started the shop, and his son Rory has been running it for the past few years.
Quinlan's on the Diamond
Speaking to the Donegal Post, Rory Quinlan said he wished to thank all the people of the area for their custom, their loyalty and respect shown to him and his family over the years ...

It is understood decline in newspaper sales, rising costs of cigarettes coupled with spiralling costs of running a business led to a decision being made.
The shop employs up to six full and part time staff and sells cards, stationary, papers, sweets, lotto tickets and cigarettes.

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And the Democrat's coverage:

Melody Maker has been in the town since 1983, which is almost 30 years. With it gone, there's no outlet that sells music.
Gerry and Pat; Manager & Owner
Melody Maker closes its doors on Saturday, February 25 after trading in various forms for nearly 30 years.

On top of the massive drop in music sales, games are now being played on-line. Martina’s Video Shop in the Castle Centre closed late last year for similar reasons. And even the giants of the industry are not immune. UK chain Game Stop recently closed their retail outlets in Derry and across Northern Ireland.
The whole industry has changed beyond recognition.

On behalf of himself, Gerry and long-term employee Denise, Pat said: “To all those who have worked with us and the friends who have helped us in many different ways, we sincerely thank them all.
“Anyone who has gift vouchers can redeem them in Melody Maker’s final sale, which will run until closing day, February 25. All gift vouchers must be redeemed for goods on or before this date, otherwise they will be deemed invalid.

Read more about Melody Maker in the Democrat:

Donegal Town
Donegal Town's Diamond
Beside the recession, Melody Maker has been affected by how Music is being purchased, with more people either buying online, or using free services like Spotify, or downloading music illegally. Quinlan's has been affected by the economy, and by the competition of other Newsagents and other shops that also serve as newagents. This will leave it's mark on the Diamond, as the less shops there are the more bare the town will appear and be less likely to attract shoppers and visitors. And this may further drive trade outside of the town or to the peripheral making shopping even more inaccessible for those without cars.

Original article at Donegal Friends:

Our very own Raymond Britton!

Raymond Britton
Our very own Raymond Britton, who started this blog and is from Donegal Town, is highlighted in a article in the Donegal Democrat about emigration. The article is written by his brother Matt Britton whose photography has been highlighted in some of the postings on Donegal Friends.

Raymond talks about growing up in Donegal Town in the 1970's, and emigrating to London where he now works as a HFC Network Engineer.
“Memories of Donegal in the early seventies remain vivid. In the town there was Fox’s General store and pub, I can recall the aromas of loose tea, tobacco and boiled ham which was cooked in a big pot in the kitchen shop; as you walked in through the door, you would be greeted by the smiling welcoming faces within. There was long worn wooden counter which spanned it’s length, covered in large glass jars full to the brim with boiled sweets, which you would be guaranteed to be offered in honor of your visit.