Monday, December 31, 2012

Walk out by Lough Eske

Walk out by Lough Eske by bettlebrox
Walk out by Lough Eske, a photo by bettlebrox on Flickr.

Winter treeline near Lough Eske.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Donegal Supporters Listen to "Jimmy's Winning Matches"

There were about 300 to 400 Donegal supporters on the Diamond on Sunday afternoon to hear Rory Gallgher play "Jimmy’s Winning Matches". The real Jimmy couldn't make it to Ireland from Lanzarote as the Irish Embassy or Consulate couldn't get him a visa in time, but Frank stood in for him!

This was a TG4 programme in association with the Four Masters.

 Matt Britton, of the Donegal Democrat, shares this photograph of some of the crowds and the article below.
"Pseudo-Jimmy" and Donegal Fans.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

David Charlton, RIP

David Charlton and Mary Coughlan
David Charlton recently passed away after battling cancer. Donegal Friends offers their condolences to the David's Family, Friends, Wife and Children.

Matt Britton, of the Donegal Democrat, shared this article he wrote about the funeral. David's wife is Mary Coughlan, former TD for Donegal South-West and former Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) of Ireland. David was a Garda and there were many dignitaries in attendance.

A Condolance Page is available at

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Donegal Town Food Festival

The 2012 Donegal Town Food Festival takes place this weekend, from Friday August 24th to Sunday August 26th.

See the Food Festival's Web site for more information:
The Festival Programme is available at:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The International Appalachian Trail of Ireland

The Irish leg of the International Appalachian Trail is in Donegal, and starts at Bunglass near Slieve League. This lovely video gives a great overview of the trail and what one can expect to see.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rossnowlagh 1912

Anne McGinley, on, posted this photo taken by her Grand Uncle of Rossnowlagh beach in or around 1912. Anne's hoping someone may be able to identiy the event that was taking place.
From a glass negative captured by my Gr-Uncle. This picture intrigues me, The event may have been the finale of either an Orange Order or Ancient Order of Hibernians march from Ballintra. There has always been good relations in the community of this area so I am certain all neighbours were on the beach. Or it may have been an entirely different event. Any ideas?
If you know, leave a comment on Anne's Flickr page (click on the image): Rossnowlagh Beach or Belalt Strand circa 1912

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Donegal Live: Music Festival

Donegal Live Music Festival is happen this month from Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th. There will be concerts on the Diamond, and activites for kids and families down by the Quay. The Headline Act on opening night is Alexandra Burke, X-Factor winner 2008.

The concert schedule is:

Friday 25th May 2012

Ticket Price €15 Child (under 10) €10

Saturday 26th May 2012 

Ticket Price €10 Child €5

Sunday 27th May 2012 

Ticket Price €10 Child €5

Alternatively, buy a weekend pass for €25. 

See Donegal Live's website for more information: and how to get tickets.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Live from 1986 in Killybegs, Dean Swift

Dean Swift were; Gene Wilson, John Daly, and Peter Lawne. This video is of the lads playing at a festival in Killybegs.

Also listen to one of their studio tracks, where Gen has skillfully interpersed various photos of the band and their friends and fans.

Thanks to Gene Wilson for sharing these on Youtube.

Original Posting at Donegal Friends at:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Best Irish Twitter Account for 2012?

Zack Gallagher
Zack Gallagher
Zack Gallagher, chef and blogger is nominated for a Bord Gáis Social Media Award for best Twitter Category.

The awards recognise Irish businesses and organisations that approach social media with innovation. ‘Best Business on Twitter’ is a new category designed to pay tribute to the increasingly important use of Twitter as a business tool to develop new customers.

The Donegal Democrat quotes Zack as saying:

"Online, I encourage people to buy their food from locally produced and sourced suppliers. In the past 20 years, Irish chefs have re-ignited a love of using locally sourced, and more importantly locally produced, ingredients."

Read more at the Donegal Democrat at:
The Irish Food Guide's blog is at:
And see the Irish Good Guide on Twitter at:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drive around Donegal Town

Are ye away and missing home? Sure take a virtual drive down main street:

Donegal Town.

A short film by Noel Keating featuring Donegal Town.

Monday, February 20, 2012

No more diddly-eiddly-de music drifting across the Diamond

Recently Quinlan's Newsagent's on the Diamond closed down. This week Melody Maker, the record/music shop, closed down.

Quinlan's has been on the Diamond for nearly 50 years, I remember going in there when I was kid as they used to have the huge big jars of various sweets! Kevin Quinlan started the shop, and his son Rory has been running it for the past few years.
Quinlan's on the Diamond
Speaking to the Donegal Post, Rory Quinlan said he wished to thank all the people of the area for their custom, their loyalty and respect shown to him and his family over the years ...

It is understood decline in newspaper sales, rising costs of cigarettes coupled with spiralling costs of running a business led to a decision being made.
The shop employs up to six full and part time staff and sells cards, stationary, papers, sweets, lotto tickets and cigarettes.

Read more about Quinlans in Donegal Now:

And the Democrat's coverage:

Melody Maker has been in the town since 1983, which is almost 30 years. With it gone, there's no outlet that sells music.
Gerry and Pat; Manager & Owner
Melody Maker closes its doors on Saturday, February 25 after trading in various forms for nearly 30 years.

On top of the massive drop in music sales, games are now being played on-line. Martina’s Video Shop in the Castle Centre closed late last year for similar reasons. And even the giants of the industry are not immune. UK chain Game Stop recently closed their retail outlets in Derry and across Northern Ireland.
The whole industry has changed beyond recognition.

On behalf of himself, Gerry and long-term employee Denise, Pat said: “To all those who have worked with us and the friends who have helped us in many different ways, we sincerely thank them all.
“Anyone who has gift vouchers can redeem them in Melody Maker’s final sale, which will run until closing day, February 25. All gift vouchers must be redeemed for goods on or before this date, otherwise they will be deemed invalid.

Read more about Melody Maker in the Democrat:

Donegal Town
Donegal Town's Diamond
Beside the recession, Melody Maker has been affected by how Music is being purchased, with more people either buying online, or using free services like Spotify, or downloading music illegally. Quinlan's has been affected by the economy, and by the competition of other Newsagents and other shops that also serve as newagents. This will leave it's mark on the Diamond, as the less shops there are the more bare the town will appear and be less likely to attract shoppers and visitors. And this may further drive trade outside of the town or to the peripheral making shopping even more inaccessible for those without cars.

Original article at Donegal Friends:

Our very own Raymond Britton!

Raymond Britton
Our very own Raymond Britton, who started this blog and is from Donegal Town, is highlighted in a article in the Donegal Democrat about emigration. The article is written by his brother Matt Britton whose photography has been highlighted in some of the postings on Donegal Friends.

Raymond talks about growing up in Donegal Town in the 1970's, and emigrating to London where he now works as a HFC Network Engineer.
“Memories of Donegal in the early seventies remain vivid. In the town there was Fox’s General store and pub, I can recall the aromas of loose tea, tobacco and boiled ham which was cooked in a big pot in the kitchen shop; as you walked in through the door, you would be greeted by the smiling welcoming faces within. There was long worn wooden counter which spanned it’s length, covered in large glass jars full to the brim with boiled sweets, which you would be guaranteed to be offered in honor of your visit.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

D-Town Skate Board Park

This is old news, but I think it's still interesting, D-Town Skate Park opened in May 2011, Donegal Town Business Park out in Drumrooske.

The Democrat had a nice article about fund-raising for the park:

The Post has an article about the opening of the park:

I think this video tells the story better :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aurora Borealis

Donegal Skies has a great image of the Aurora Borealis as seen up around Fanad Head:
Aurora Borealis above Donegal

See more at Donegal Skies website.