Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Luck Donegal!

The squad in Donegal Town before heading off to Dublin for the game:
Donegal 2011 GAA Squad

Thanks to Donegal's own Matt Britton for the photograph. You may need to be a friend of Matt's on Facebook to see the full sized photograph.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Donegal Town Food Festival!

2010 Crowds
This weekend, Friday August 26th - Sunday August 28th, the Donegal Town Food Festival will take place. Met Eireann has a positive weather forecast and if your in the area I suggest you pop in for a visit. It's 2 euro per day, or 5 euro for a weekend pass. It doesn't say where in town, but I presume it's down by the Quay where it was in 2010.

See the website for more details:
And the full agenda is available at:
And a PDF of the agenda is available at the Donegal Town website at:
Happy 2010 Attendees
Food being Prepped by
Tracey Duke
at the 2010 Festival
Thanks to Donegal Town's own Matt Britton for the photographs of the 2010 Food Festival.

On another note, I know I've been wile bad at blogging this year and promoting events and adding news. I know no-one wants to listen to me apolgies, but it's time-consuming, and doesn't pay (the ads don't pull in enough to buy a pint a year), and I'm busy doing other things. And it sometimes get's tough to find the time to spend an hour or so drafting these blog postings, finding photographs, and getting the layout to look good.

So feel free to e-mail me anything you'd like me to post, no blatant adverts please, the blogs about the town and promoting the town. See my Contact page.

Bank Walk

Tree Name
John Ward wrote a very guide to the Bank Walk on

John did a lot of work on this, with a lot detail and pics. The Bank Walk has seen some improvements done recently, with bird houses added to some of trees
And some of the trees labeled so one can identify them.

The only thing I'm not sure of is all the gravel they spread, I liked the old rooty dirt path that was there and that by making the walk a little more accessible that's lost a little of it's charm.

Bench and New Gravel Surfacing
And a big thank you to John for writing that article and helping publicise Donegal Town.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Donegal Town Castle: Heirtage Week 2011

Donegal Town: The Old CastleThis Saturday, August 20 2011, marks the start of Heritage Week. Free admission in to Donegal Town Castle and an Arts and Crafts day for the kids.

You can follow the Old Castle on Facebook!