Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farmers Market doesn't have enough Farmers?

Farmers Market in Donegal TownThe Donegal Daily is reporting that the Donegal Town Farmers Market may close as there aren't enough vendors selling locally produced produce:

Businesses in the town claim produce other than that grown locally is being sold at some stalls - and is therefore in breach of the spirit of the market ... if produce other than that grown locally - or which competes against rate-paying established businesses - stall owners could be removed or the entire market closed down.
A council source told us: "It is now clear that the original farmers market idea has been expanded to goods which go against the spirit of what the market should be.
"Inspections will be carried out and orders issued against any stalls in breach of the market's original plan."
 Read more at the Donegal Daily, and please ask them to credit me for my photograph that they are using that page (I've a copy linked to here for you to view).


Anonymous said...

The photo has been taken down.Jeannie :)

Mick T. said...

At least they're responsive, but I would have preferred if they'd just attributed me for the pic.

Mick T. said...

Looks like the issues the council has with the Farmers Market are temporarily resolved:

"The market will remain in situ on the Diamond for the month of August at least, while they go in search of a new temporary home.

Organsiers are now said to be looking at “strategic locations close to the Diamond” in the days and weeks ahead."