Friday, April 15, 2011

Some news!

Sorry for the drought (the lack of news) here at Donegal Friends. Here's a few news items I thought you might find interesting and an auld pic!

Here's a photograph I took of the town, from the Iron bridge, back in 1992. Click on it to see a larger size and a more recent pic I took in 2005. See any changes at all?
Donegal Town: View East 1992
Donegal Town 1992.
And now a few news. Some Donegal (and local) area restaurants won some awards:
At last Monday night’s awards ceremony the Donegal winners were named as follows; Best Chef: Darren Iddon at Solis Lough Eske castle in Donegal Town, Best Casual Dining; Kealy’s Seafood Restaurant, Greencastle, Overall Best Restaurant, The Mill, Dunfanaghy, Best Customer Service; Harvey’s Point in Donegal Town, Best Gastro Pub, Harry’s Bar, Bridgend, Best Hotel Restaurant; Castlegrove Country Hotel in Letterkenny.
And Jimmy Melly of North West Alarms, in Donegal Town, warns about unscrupulous security alarm installers:
... “Unfortunately there is a large number of illegal operators in the county at the moment who are operating without licence.

“This industry is very, very strict. We are inspected at least once a year. We were the first company to be licensed when the legislation was introduced. People should know that it is illegal for anyone to install an alarm without a licence.
An American lady of African descent who lives in Donegal has Irish citizenship and whom is married to an Irish man, and talks about her experience with racial profiling:
Speaking on today’s Shaun Doherty Show, she recounted a recent experience when gardai boarded a bus to Dublin and questioned her and another person of colour.

She said it’s ironic that she was travelling to a meeting of a national committee of which she is a member ...

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