Wednesday, December 01, 2010

AVS Leaving Cert Class of '85 Reunion

If your in Donegal Town on December 28th at 7:30pm the 1985 Leaving Certificate class will be having a reunion in the Abbey Hotel. If you a Facebook user you can express your interest in attending at the following Facebook page:
Girls 5A

Abbey Voc Sch Leaving Cert Class of '85 Reunion

Here's the notice on the page:
This event will be held in the Abbey Hotel (upstairs) at 7.30 pm on the 28th December 2010. We are hoping that all those who would have done their leaving cert that year or began school in 1980 would come along. Please feel free to bring along your partner. We are hoping to have some fun activities on the night along with photo display on power point. So get your photo's together as soon as you can to enable us to organise this. Any thing you have that might add to the fun on the night please let us know and we can sort that, no problem. Will post admission price at a later date.
So if you started the Tech in 1980 or were in the Leaving Cert class of 1985 (or were in the year at any point) please do come along! If you have any photos to share contact the organiser! One of whom is Pat McGirr the others are Martina & Seamus. I'm not sure which Martian or Seamus can someone post contact info?

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