Monday, November 08, 2010

Bartering 2.0

Jenni Timony (a relation of mine) has started a new company that will help businesses save money in these rough times. Jenni's started Exponentially, a website and business that helps organisations barter their skills, services, knowledge, and strengths in exchange for other people's or organisations skills & services. In these times this could be a good way to save money and use what you have.

Jenni was recently on the Marion Finucane show, on the radio, talking about her past experiences in business and about her plans for Exponentially. The Democrat has a write-up about it:

You'll need to visit the website to find out more:
And also Jenni's blog is pretty interesting too, her blog posting about batering is a must read, if your interesting in leveraging bartering:

Anyhow, here's the spiel from Jenni's press release: enables members to conserve cash, utilise spare capacity and expand their customer bases through bartering their services.

"Businesses can really see the value of trying new initiatives such as bartering their services to achieve growth in recessionary times. The idea of paying for services such as perhaps web design or marketing or an energy audit with their spare capacity instead of their cash really resonates with our members" says Jenni Timony, Founder of also provides members with a discussion forum to ask and answer questions, and make trusted new contacts ... " was established to help regenerate recession bruised businesses. Membership of our site is a low cost, low risk way to do this by using your spare capacity, and leveraging the power of community"

And one thing she wanted me to add is that they've "added 2 new categories - hotels and alternative therapies so you can barter your businesss skills for nice, relaxing stuff. Also doing a rate for people who have been made redundant to barter their skills and talents."


Matt said...

Matt here in a windy Drumcliffe..have done another article on Jenni since ..much longer..will try and source it for you, Also somebody mentioned you were looking for pics from Donegal ..just check out my Facebook...keep it pretty much up,to date...just credit me (Matt Britton) with them....hope all going good...Matt

Mick T. said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for update from windy Drumcliffe. And thanks for the offer of using your pics! Do you have a blog or website I can link to if and when I use any of your pics?

If you find that other article, let me know and I'll stick it on the auld blog.