Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter in Donegal

Don't forget to feed the robins!
Thanks to Matt Britton for the pic! If your on Facebook user see his photo album for more class pics.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Serial Twin: Album Release Party

Serial Twin are launching their debut album 'Wirin's Tale' on Saturday 4th Dec in The Coach House, Donegal Town at 10pm.


Or as Christina Irwin describes it SNOMG!

Here's 2 photpgraphs that Christina took of the Diamond, with the Monument and the Tree (the tree lightening ceremomy is tonight, Nov 28th) and her daughter, and snow!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pavesi Radio Interview

Ronan Hanna and Duck Gallagher of Pavesi talk songwriting with Tracey McAllister at 5pm this Saturday, November 26th, on State of the Art on westernwavesfm.org. You can listen to a of podcast of it afterwards too!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Elections Interviews.

Donegal Town CourthouseIf your voting in the Donegal SW by-election, here's some interviews with various candidates that might be worth listening to.

Western Waves interview with Barry O’Neill, Fine Gael, Thomas Pringle - Independent, and Ann Sweeney - Independent.

TV3 Interview with Pearse Doherty - Sinn Féin, Frank McBrearty Jnr - Labour Party, Brian Ó Domhnaill - Fianna Fáil, Barry O'Neill - Fine Gael.

And be prepared for sleet and snow on election day on Thursday.

If you know of any other interviews, let me know in the comment section below and I'll add them tot he list.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Enough about this political shindig that's been going, let's get down to some real important business such as Sausages! A great article in the Donegal Democrat and the Belfast Telegraph about two of our local butcher shop; McGettian's & Walsh's.
Donegal Town unofficially became the sausage capital of Ireland recently when Ernan and Diarmuid McGettigan and Edmund and Liam Walsh both received the supreme accolades at the Associated Craft Butchers' Sausage Competition of Ireland which was recently held in the RDS in Dublin ...

The McGettigan brothers won their first All Ireland Supreme title in 2001 for their hickory and maple sausage and are the only butchers ever to win the prestigious title more than once ...

Ernan, whose first supreme title was awarded for his hickory and maple sausage in 2001, is the only Irish butcher to win the title more than once ...

This year he won the double when he was awarded the national champion prize for his traditional butcher's sausage -- a popular choice for celebs Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick when they stop by on their way to their holiday home in the county.

He also scooped the coveted supreme award for his garlic and leek pork sausage.

Ernan, who also does a low-fat variety, pointed out that the sausage is the ideal recession food -- "tasty, nutritious and cheap".

One hundred metres away, Edmund and Liam Walsh who, like the McGettigans, have a lifetime of butchering experience between them, have been notching up successes with their flavoured sausages at regional level since 2002, and won their first National Championship in 2008.

Earlier this month, their venison and redcurrant sausage won gold at the national championships.

"We were delighted because the standard is unbelievably high. Between ourselves and the McGettigans, there is an enthusiasm and also a tradition which is very important," explained Liam.
And I've also heard that Dave Ainsworth's sausages in Killybegs are worth trying too! And funnily enough Dave is quoted in an Irish Times article about election canvassing in Killybegs. I have tried McGettian's sausages and do think they're good and the Mammy likes the Chicken's from Walsh. I didn't know Walsh's did their own sausages and I'll have to try them next time I'm home.

Also, the image above is in a Reuters News article about Ireland and the economy (and no mention of Donegal), it shows Enda Kenny of Fina Gail purchasing (probably) sausages in McGettian's butchers from John Kerrigan. BTW, this is no way endorsing FG or any of the other parties, or implying that McGettian's does. I just though the image was interesting and it was great to see a view of Donegal on an international news site.

When you go vote, do remember this, this is one of the few times that the national media or politicians will care about Donegal. So choose wisely, and also think about the country.

Originally posting at Donegal Friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pavesi Playing in O'Donnell's

Pavesi, the Band, are playing in O'Donnell's Bar on Sunday Nov 21st. Show is all ages, starts at 6pm, goes to 10:30pm.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Open Jam Club For Sligo Musicians Nov 17th!

A message from Greg of the Bluestack Jammers that he asked me to pass along to you all.

The Bluestacks Jam Club is coming to Sligo to its fourth venue in The Garavouge Bar Wednesday November 17th at 9.30pm and every Wednesday night after that. The club is all about Jamming with other musicians and started in Donegal last year, So far it operates in 4 venues where over 400 musicians have performed and 10,000 people have came to the gigs.plus 4,000 fans on Facebook. We want to show the world our talented musicians and artistes and we do that by taking videos and posting them on Youtube.

The Club is open to all Musician and live music lovers of all ages who want to network with other Musicians and Jam with them. or maybe you want to start a band and get to know people in the Music business like Recording Studios, Music Venues, Artistes and Managers. So far we've seen some band formations and gigs coming out of this and it doesn't stop there. We've established The Bluestacks Backers, a Multi Member band who perform The 4th Fri of each month @9pm in The National Bar Donegal town, The 2nd Fri monthly in The Bee Hive Ardara at 9pm and every sun in Voodoo Club Letterkenny at 8pm where some 400 plus Musicians have Jammed so far.
This is fast becoming a network of session musicians that can backup any Singer or Songwriter in a professional way. We want to expand this so that at any given time we can have a band on call for any occasion. You maybe in a well established band and want to try something different. We don't expect you to run away and join the our circus forever!! as there will always be someone there to play your position just like a football team.You may only be able to turn up every know and again so that way it suits everybody.If you wanna become a member just send an email titled with the instrument you play or if your a singer do the same to BluestacksJamClub@ymail.com and that way it makes the whole thing much easier for us all to manage. We will put you in contact with all the other members and who knows what that could led to.

The Bluestacks Jam Club was launched back in June 2009 with special guest Johnny Gallagher from The Boxty band who toured all over Europe and has been on several TV shows over there. Also The Mirenda Rosenberg Band have performed. Mirenda has shared the stage with Blues Legends Buddy Guy and Chuck Berry. Donegal singer song writer Sean Needham who supported Bo Didley and Tracy Chapman and was interviewed by Dave Fanning about his new album Time Is A Friend ,plus Mark Black, whose live appearances included Glastonbury 2009, guested and performed with Moya Brennan and Liam O Maonlai at the Spirit Voices Show, and a string of festivals and packed out gigs across Ireland. Also Matt McGranaghan from Kintra a 12 piece Band who have entertained President of Ireland Mary McAleese in Áras an Uachtaráin.Kintra have played the biggest Irish festival in the world in Milwaukee USA back in August this year.

The latest Guest to the club was Elvis Presley's Bass guitarist Jerry Scheff who we put a band together for to play the Frosses Festival Co.Donegal
Jerry played bass on The Doors album L A woman ,John Denver,Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan and many many more.

These Artists became successful as a result of Networking with other Musicians and like minded people and fully support our mission and some times drop by for a Jam , a chat, and a bit a craic and we look forward to you doing the same next Wednesday November 17th at 9.30 pm in the Garavogue Bar and every Wednesday nite after that plus its free entry at the door.
For more Info the see Bluestacks Jam Club on Facebook.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Donegal SW Election 2010!

I'm sure you've all heard about the upcoming election in Donegal South West.

TV3 had candidates from the major parties on Vincent Browne's news show called "Tonight". You can watch it here. None of the independent candidates were on the show which might have been a good thing for them!

You can find some background about the by-election on Wikipedia. Here's someone's overview or review of the show or debate, but just remember, that's someone else's opinion, and make your own. But, to be honest, it did come off as a bit of a farce with Mr. Browne not really controlling the debate.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Bartering 2.0

Jenni Timony (a relation of mine) has started a new company that will help businesses save money in these rough times. Jenni's started Exponentially, a website and business that helps organisations barter their skills, services, knowledge, and strengths in exchange for other people's or organisations skills & services. In these times this could be a good way to save money and use what you have.

Jenni was recently on the Marion Finucane show, on the radio, talking about her past experiences in business and about her plans for Exponentially. The Democrat has a write-up about it:

You'll need to visit the website to find out more:
And also Jenni's blog is pretty interesting too, her blog posting about batering is a must read, if your interesting in leveraging bartering:

Anyhow, here's the spiel from Jenni's press release:
Exponentially.ie enables members to conserve cash, utilise spare capacity and expand their customer bases through bartering their services.

"Businesses can really see the value of trying new initiatives such as bartering their services to achieve growth in recessionary times. The idea of paying for services such as perhaps web design or marketing or an energy audit with their spare capacity instead of their cash really resonates with our members" says Jenni Timony, Founder of Exponentially.ie.

Exponentially.ie also provides members with a discussion forum to ask and answer questions, and make trusted new contacts ... "Exponentially.ie was established to help regenerate recession bruised businesses. Membership of our site is a low cost, low risk way to do this by using your spare capacity, and leveraging the power of community"

And one thing she wanted me to add is that they've "added 2 new categories - hotels and alternative therapies so you can barter your businesss skills for nice, relaxing stuff. Also doing a rate for people who have been made redundant to barter their skills and talents."

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Diamond: 1970's

Thanks to MajorCalloway over on Flickr for this auld pic of the Diamond. This is looking down the Diamond towards the Abbey Hotel from Main Street.

The Diamond Donegal 1970s

Friday, November 05, 2010

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat ...

The Christmas lights will be turned on, on November the 28th! See the Facebook page for more info and to show your interest in attending.
The light is lovely, sun is just setting and its bitterly cold,but magical !!
Christmas lights will be switched on by County Donegal Ladies senior team members, who will be assisted by Santa and his little helpers.
Watch out for the two naughty little elves.

Thanks to me sis Jeannie for the pic!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Donegal Bay

I like how designer 406 has used the B&W affect to make her picture of the inner bay and Quay Street appear older than it is:

donegal reflections 2