Saturday, October 02, 2010

Google Street View In Donegal!

Google Map's Street View now covers Donegal Town! Here's a link to a view of the Diamond when they're setting up a stage for a festival:
 It looks like the imagery is all taken in the winter, and not all on the same day or days. Anyone know when about this way? I'm guessing last winter or the winter before.

Anyone found anyone they recognise on Google Street view? The closest I've come (so far) is seeing a friend's rubbish out for the bin man!

What's your favourite view? :)


Mick T. said...

The Irish Times says these were taken in March 2008, I'd guess around Donegal Town, it was during Feburary & March.

Oh, and watch out for the gurrier in Dublin showing his bum to the Google cameras! :)

Mick T. said...

Usually Google blurs people's faces, but as it's an automated process it's not always automated. Here's the 1st unblured face I've seen around Donegal Town:

Google Maps

Anyone recognise him?

Ronan Doc said...

Looks like Aidy Wilson..

Mick T. said...

Cool! Now Aidy is famous!

Any other recognisable faces out there on Google street view? :)