Thursday, October 14, 2010

Donegal Town: 1970's

Striderv over on Flickr scanned this old postcard of Donegal Town and put it on Flickr, I'd guess it was the early 1970's? Anyone recognise the two women the pic of the Diamond beside the old weigh station hut? See the full-size version here.

Donegal Town Multiview, Ireland


Anonymous said...

Well its a pity they're just a tad blurry ..but its a great pic..I rem this postcard :)

Zack said...

Dya know that old weighbridge hut is still in use
Up in laghey as a co council shed must post a pic

Mick T. said...

Zack, I didn't know the hut had been reused, I figured it had been knocked down. If you get a pic, let me know and I'll stick a copy on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Cool oh do stick a pic up, that'd be great !