Monday, September 20, 2010

Carol Anne McGowan

The Ghost
Have any of ye heard of Carol Anne McGowan of Killybegs? I just heard of her today, when Cyndi posted a video of Carol's on her Facebook page, and I was very impressed! This girl has a great voice and (pardon the comparison it's probably unjust) and reminds me a bit of Leonard Cohen and Cowboy Junkies but with her own unique style.

Anyways take a listen for yourselves and let me know what you think. This amazing video of her's was filmed in the cellar of a friend of her's and edited on a Mac; low budget but not low quality.

If ye hear of any gigs she's doing, let me know and I'll publicise them on the blog!

Keep an eye on her, I think she'll be going places.
      You can listen to her and see her videos on MySpace and on YouTube. She's also on Facebook where you can find out where's she's playing next. And besides being a musician she's also an artist:

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