Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh no! Oatfield!

Oatfield sweets is laying off 30 of it's 45 workers:
One of the Republic’s oldest confectionery makers has laid off two-thirds of its workforce.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
The Oatfield Confectionary Company in Co Donegal, which was founded by the McKinney family in Letterkenny in 1927, blamed rising manufacturing costs for the job losses.

A total of 30 out of 45 employees will lose their jobs when the company shuts down its “boiling production” in October.

The manufacture of boiled sweets will now be transferred to Oatfield’s sister company Tilley’s in the UK.

And this is something I didn't realise, I thought Oatfield was still locally owned:
The Oatfield buildings are owned by Donegal Creameries and are leased to Dublin-based firm, Candy, which runs the local plant and owns the brand.

Wikipedia has some background on Oatfield:
Donegal Creameries PLC purchased the company in February 1999 for £783,750. In 2007 Zed Candy, an Irish confectionery company famous for its Chewing Gum, bought the brand from Donegal Creameries.

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its a damn disgrace!