Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Your not going to be hearing from me for a while as I'll be home for a few weeks and with minimal web-access.

Zack, his son Finn, and Mary Coughlan
Thanks to Matt Britton for the Photograph.
In the meantime here's some news for you:

30,000 show up for the Donegal Food Festival:
In excess of 30 thousand people attended the Taste of Donegal food festival at the weekend with organisers claiming that such events are an ideal way of promoting the county.
And a nice article about Fin McCool's surfing school at Rossnowlagh:
The local man behind the school, Neil Britton, says the sport is catching on in Ireland and he's happy to be in Donegal, despite spending time following the waves from Australia to Portugal.
"The surf in Ireland is as good as anywhere in the world and I always thought it would be a great idea to set up a surf school in my home town," he says ...

Contact: For individual lessons and kids camp, the Fin McCool surf shop and school, Rossnowlagh, Co Donegal. Tel: 071-9859020, 086 804 9909, email finmccools@gmail.com
If your Facebook, Matt Britton has some pics of the festival:


Mick T. said...

And during the festival the waterbus had a bit of an emergency:


Mick T. said...

Owen & Heather had a great wedding! All my best wishes to the happy couple.