Saturday, August 21, 2010


Woman in her 60's mugged in Letterkenny in broad daylight, her hangbag was stolen and she was beaten up so badly that she's had to have pins inserted into shattered elbow.

This is a particularly brutal attack, and it's surprising that it happened somewhere like Letterkenny. Someone is bound to have seen something, or been in the area at the time. If you think you seen something contact the Letterkenny Gardai. I'd bet that this this fecker has a drug habit, and if he'd do this to an older woman what else might he be capable of? And just cause he did this to Letterkenny, doesn't mean he'll from there, or will limit his activities to there.

If you see something suspicious, call the Gardai, yesterday I was walking home and I see this skanger wander and stagger down the middle of the road, aye he looked suspicion. I'm thinking he was eyeing up cars to break into by his behaviour, and guess what he does? He stick his hand in through a partially open window and pops the lock of a car and hops in. So I called the cops on the fecker, and you see something odd, you do the same.

Here's coverage of the Letterkenny story from the Belfast Telegraph:
Retired nurse Anna McDaid, who is in her late 60s, received several fractures, bruised ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a head injury after being mugged for her handbag during the day in Letterkenny, Co Donegal ... Just yards from the post office, she was set upon by a man wearing a grey hoodie-type top.

He demanded her handbag and then struck her several times during the terrifying ordeal which left her unconscious for a number of minutes.

Passers-by found Mrs McDaid in a confused state at McClure’s Terrace and she was brought to Letterkenny General Hospital where she has remained since the Tuesday afternoon attack.

... Mrs McDaid has had to undergo a number of different surgical procedures, including having pins inserted into her left elbow after it was shattered during the attack.

She is also on constant medication and has to take oxygen because she now has difficulty breathing.
Here's Highland Radio's coverage, and an interview with the woman's husband:
In Sligo, an 88 year old was attacked in his home and robbed, and a 30 year old man was mugged in the morning by 2 hooded men:

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More details from the Democrat:

"The attacker is described as being average height of approximately 5ft 7’ and wearing a grey hooded top."