Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ballintra Dating Agency in Court

A Ballintra matchmaker is in court for allegledgely not screening clients:

A WOMAN who runs a Donegal dating agency has been instructed to allow a District Court judge view files from male clients.

But Mary Mitchell, who runs The Happy Matchmaker agency, was not ordered to allow a dissatisfied woman client, Annemarie McBrearty, see them ... Ms Mitchell of Ballintra, Co Donegal, has been accused of failing to check out men introduced to Ms McBrearty.

Ms McBrearty is suing Ms Mitchell for €6,348.99 for negligence, breach of duty and fraudulent misrepresentation.

Ms McBrearty, of Oldtown, Letterkenny, claims that she paid €600 for 12 "introductions" in Hide allJanuary, 2009. The agency had advertised that "each prospective suitor" would be screened.

Ms McBrearty claimed in an earlier District Court hearing that it became clear after four introductions the "prospective suitors" had not been vetted or screened in any way. She claimed that as a result she was "groped, assaulted and battered without lawful excuse".

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burtis said...

when you go 4 a date your taking a chance with who you meet.i wouldnt blame the matchmaker if it didnt go rite.if you had met mr right you,d be well chuft.get over it an grow up...happy mc hughfirch