Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad, bad, bad car accident up in Inishowen

An awful car accident happened north of the county:

Eight people have been killed in a car crash in County Donegal, about 15 miles from the Northern Ireland border.

The two-car collision happened on the Drumfree to Clonmany road at 2230 BST on Sunday.

Seven of the dead were travelling in a black Volkswagen Passat, the driver of which survived. The eighth person to die was the driver of the second car.

It is believed the 66-year-old man had been returning home after playing bingo in Buncrana.

The seven young men who died in the Passat were 21-year-old Mark McLaughlin, from Fahan; Paul Doherty and Ciaran Sweeney who were 19 and from Ballyliffin; Patrick McLaughlin, 21, from Burnfoot; 22-year-old Eamonn McDaid and 21-year-old Damien McLaughlin, both from Buncrana, and James McEleney, 23, from Clonmany ...

People, slow down ad take it easy. There's enough people killed on Donegal roads.

The Irish Times has more details:

Stephen Lambert of the National Roads Authority said it was the highest death toll in a road crash since records began. “I have never come across such a multiple road fatality scene and I am finding it very difficult to take in,” he said after visiting the scene.


Aed Boyle said...

I wonder were they coming from a Head Shop or a Pub? 8 in a car and the poor aul 9th fella was left behind because he couldn't fit in. Ah sure, he'd be able to get to the pub in the other town somehow.

I feel sorry for the poor old lady they crashed into and whose wrist they broke before driving on. I feel sorry for the poor old Hughie Friel who was murdered on his way home from Sunday night bingo. A decent old farmer who never drank in his life. I feel sorry for Hughies brother with whom he lived on their small farm. It will be a lonely time for him out there on Inishowen without his brother.

Alecia said...

I remember that accident we had back then. The good thing was none of us sustained serious physical injuries, but my son was traumatized. All of that because of a drunk driver. Good thing we were helped by a personal injury attorney. Los Angeles nights gave us a painful lesson: even if we didn't cause the accident, we should still be careful on the road and always be on the lookout for those lousy drivers.

Anyway, I hope they rest in peace. According to my personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, that area in UK is accident prone. That incident was the worst so far.

Anonymous said...

Aed boyle, you need to cop on you dont understand how many ppl have been affected by this , keep your nasty comments to yourself