Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Planter Box Man!

Great article from the Democrat about Laghey Man Sean Gallagher, whose been making a go of it! Sean was a builder and like most builder has seen little to no work in recent years. So Sean started doing something different, and something he likes to do.  He creates Planter Boxes, and provides the soil and will come out and install them for ya too.
Sean's now based in Kildare, like many of us he had to leave home for work. But, I'm sure he'd pop up to Laghey, or maybe even trek to  Donegal Town if he got enough orders. ;)

Here's the Democrat's Article:
"I came from a farming background in Laghey and was always interested in the concept of self-sustainability. Even before I closed down the building business I had built my own coop and had my chickens and fresh eggs out in the back garden.

"It was great, my wife Aisling and two daughters Ellie and Grace finally found out that not all chickens come from Tesco and likewise with eggs, that they don't come in packets.

"I found people were asking me about self-sustainability and the whole concept of growing their own vegetables. I soon realised that there was a market out there.

"I started producing my own raised vegetable beds which gave people with small urban gardens the opportunity to grow their own produce. With limited space there is a lot to be said for creating raised beds. They need less cultivation because they are rarely trodden on, they have great drainage and the soil warms up much quicker in spring as it is lifted from the cold winter's ground.
Read more at the Democrat's website.

Sean was also on Nationwide last Friday on RTE (May 14th 2010), see the video at:
Go to the 13 minute mark to see Sean, whom I think did really well on Telly. It's hard not to be nervous on camera, and I think RTE should have him do a gardening show! :)

PatchWorkVeg has a website, which provides advise for gardeners and when and how to start planting, and how to get a planter box if your interested. If your on Facebook, you can join the PatchWorkVeg group!

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