Friday, May 21, 2010

Icelandic Photo Exhibition in Mountcharles

Rebekka Guoleifsdóttir, a famous Icelandic photographer, will be having a Exhibition at the Man-Made Gallery in Mountcharles. The Irish Times has a brief article about the show:

Rebekka Guoleifsdóttir is a self-taught photographer who lives in Iceland. She is also rated the most popular photographer on Flickr, was named as the “Web’s Top Photographer” by the Wall Street Journal in 2006, and has a first-rate website and blog. “There is nothing I would rather do,” she says of photography, though she divides her working time between photography, knitting sweaters and drawing.
Guoleifsdóttir’s work is personal and often playful, as in the case of the image that put her on the internet map: a striking self-portrait in which she seems to be suspending an apple in mid-air through the force of her mind.
A Nordic Saga features a series of works depicting “neglected dolls, abandoned buildings and a self-portrait”. And yes, she did set off to photograph the volcano when it began erupting. Her vivid images and account can be found online.
If your a photographer you should go see this, if your passing through or by Mountcharles you should drop by. See Man-Made's page about the exhibition for more information. You can see a selection of her photograph on Flickr.

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