Monday, May 31, 2010

History of Saint Patrick's Church Tawnawilly

Thanks to Jumper O'Kelly for posting this on our Facebook page:
The Catholic church in Donegal Town celebrated the 75th anniversary of the establishment of "St. Patrick's Memorial Church of the Four Masters" on 17th March 2010. The church produced a lovely little booklet to celebrate the occasion. The following website (unofficial) has been set up to host the booklet;
It is a lovely booklet and it has many pictures of the chapel from it's construction to modern times.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Donegal Jam Club Contest!

A (weird) message from the Donegal Jam Club, about their upcoming content!

Bye, Bye Old Water Bus

Looks like the old water bus is leaving Donegal Town. Anyone know where it's going?

Thanks to Christina Irwin for the pic! I like the way this looks like auld pic.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Icelandic Photo Exhibition in Mountcharles

Rebekka Guoleifsdóttir, a famous Icelandic photographer, will be having a Exhibition at the Man-Made Gallery in Mountcharles. The Irish Times has a brief article about the show:

Rebekka Guoleifsdóttir is a self-taught photographer who lives in Iceland. She is also rated the most popular photographer on Flickr, was named as the “Web’s Top Photographer” by the Wall Street Journal in 2006, and has a first-rate website and blog. “There is nothing I would rather do,” she says of photography, though she divides her working time between photography, knitting sweaters and drawing.
Guoleifsdóttir’s work is personal and often playful, as in the case of the image that put her on the internet map: a striking self-portrait in which she seems to be suspending an apple in mid-air through the force of her mind.
A Nordic Saga features a series of works depicting “neglected dolls, abandoned buildings and a self-portrait”. And yes, she did set off to photograph the volcano when it began erupting. Her vivid images and account can be found online.
If your a photographer you should go see this, if your passing through or by Mountcharles you should drop by. See Man-Made's page about the exhibition for more information. You can see a selection of her photograph on Flickr.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Planter Box Man!

Great article from the Democrat about Laghey Man Sean Gallagher, whose been making a go of it! Sean was a builder and like most builder has seen little to no work in recent years. So Sean started doing something different, and something he likes to do.  He creates Planter Boxes, and provides the soil and will come out and install them for ya too.
Sean's now based in Kildare, like many of us he had to leave home for work. But, I'm sure he'd pop up to Laghey, or maybe even trek to  Donegal Town if he got enough orders. ;)

Here's the Democrat's Article:
"I came from a farming background in Laghey and was always interested in the concept of self-sustainability. Even before I closed down the building business I had built my own coop and had my chickens and fresh eggs out in the back garden.

"It was great, my wife Aisling and two daughters Ellie and Grace finally found out that not all chickens come from Tesco and likewise with eggs, that they don't come in packets.

"I found people were asking me about self-sustainability and the whole concept of growing their own vegetables. I soon realised that there was a market out there.

"I started producing my own raised vegetable beds which gave people with small urban gardens the opportunity to grow their own produce. With limited space there is a lot to be said for creating raised beds. They need less cultivation because they are rarely trodden on, they have great drainage and the soil warms up much quicker in spring as it is lifted from the cold winter's ground.
Read more at the Democrat's website.

Sean was also on Nationwide last Friday on RTE (May 14th 2010), see the video at:
Go to the 13 minute mark to see Sean, whom I think did really well on Telly. It's hard not to be nervous on camera, and I think RTE should have him do a gardening show! :)

PatchWorkVeg has a website, which provides advise for gardeners and when and how to start planting, and how to get a planter box if your interested. If your on Facebook, you can join the PatchWorkVeg group!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Statue stolen from Solis Lough Eske Castle

Wow, the nerve of some people! A statue at Solis Lough Eske Castle was stolen over the weekend, sounds like it was out front of the main entrance and was swiped overnight:

Thieves entered the grounds of the Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel, outside Donegal Town, at the weekend and made off with a statue of a deer sometime between midnight on Saturday and 8am on Sunday morning.
The piece, estimated to be worth in the region of 7,000 pounds sterling, had been on display upon a plinth in the grounds at the front of the hotel.
If you seen or heard anything, contact the Gardaí.

Donegal Stuff!

So how's the form everyone? Sorry for the lack of postings. I was home for a week, then mad busy when I got back, then I had surgery on my knee and I've just been too busy to attend to the blog. If you ever need anything, or any news that you think need to get out there ASAP, don't hesitate to contact me.

One of the things I missed mentioning was the "Donegal Live" event in Dublin yesterday (Sunday May 16th 2010) whose goal is to promote tourism to Donegal: 
OceanFM says over 25,000 people where there throughout the day:
Also, the latest edition of "Donegal - Community in Touch" is available. News about Donegal and Donegal people:

Welcome to the Donegal in Touch e-zine. This e-zine is part of the Donegal Diaspora Project. Through this project Donegal is reaching out and connecting with people in all parts of the world who have a connection to or interest in Donegal. This e-zine is sent to people in all parts of the world.

Please feel free to pass this e-zine on to others that you feel might be interested in it. Any views, comments or contributions to the e-zine are very welcome. The latest edition of the e-zine can be viewed or downloaded via the Donegal County Development Board website - using the following link:
I'm sure all you GAA fans will love this old poster they have in the latest edition:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Bluestacks Jam Club Singer Song Writers Star Challenge €5,000.00 Prize

A message from Greg of The Bluestack Jammers for you all, see the MySpace page for more details:

The Bluestacks Jam Club will be holding The Singer Song Writers Star Challenge over the summer starting Monday June 7th.There will be a €5,000.00 for the overall winner plus recording time in a studio for 4 tracks. The Challenge Will be open to Unsigned Solo artists and Bands. To qualify for it, each artist or band must have their own Guitars and Amps and 10 or more original songs of to a high standard " STRICTLY NO COVERS" as there will be two 30 min heats each Monday night.

Each Applicant also must have 4 or more original tracks on My Space and links sent to and We have Drums and a PA on stage each night as the regular Open Jam Session will take place as normal @9pm.To enter- send an email to with the name of your band , members Names and Email addresses & phone numbers and instruments you play plus your 10 song list. Send us your contact details and phone number. Title the email with " Bluestasks Singer Song Writers Challenge" to Book your entry .

The Winner will be selected by online voting which will cost the voter €3 so its in your interest to let your fans and face book friends know about this event so its very important that you create an event on your own face book account and invite them along as its part of the terms and conditions to qualify for your entry and get as many votes as you can.

We have created a system for you to link your music tracks which you should have on your My Space account.This means that if your fans can't get to see your performance they can listen to your music and vote anyway. So again its important that as soon as you are excepted and qualify for the Challenge that you promote your self to your Face Book Friends and Fans about your taking part in the Challenge as its a FREE tool , Why not use it.

Mon June 7th Act A - Ruairi Friel Act B -----------------
Mon June 14th Act A --------------- Act B------------------
Mon June 21st Act A --------------- Act B-------------------
Mon June 28th Act A --------------- Act B------------------
Mon July 5th Act A --------------- Act B------------------
Mon July 12th Act A ----------------- Act B------------------
Mon July 19th Act A ---------------- Act B------------------
Mon July 26th Act A ---------------- Act B------------------
Mon Aug 2nd Act A Emily Whelan Act B-----------------
Mon Aug 9th Act A ----------------- Act B-----------------
Mon Aug 16th Act A ---------------- Act B----------------
Mon Aug 23rd Act A ---------------- Act B----------------
Mon Aug 30th Act A ---------------- Act B---------------