Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Icelandic volcano is affecting area Airports with both the Donegal & Derry Airports closed:
This means all flights in and out of City of Derry and Donegal Airports have been grounded, with Ryanair cancelling all flights into and out of Ireland, as well as internal flights, until one pm on Monday.

However, the crisis could stretch beyond Monday, with holidaymakers from Ireland facing the prospect of being stranded in Europe until next week.

Yours truly, is booked to fly Boston->Dublin on Thursday keep your fingers crossed that I make it! If I can make it, I'll be driving straight down from the Airport to Donegal Town. If anyone needs a lift, let me know. I could do with the company to keep me awake. :)

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Mick T. said...

Having a great time at home. Got to see the Ballroom dancing contest at Harvey's on the Friday night when I arrived (after a 6 hour flight to Dublin then the drive down).

The weather's been pretty decent and it's great seeing everyone.

Cheers All!