Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once again Donegal is Forgotten!

How many more examples of this are we going to have?
The worst suspicions of Ireland's "forgotten county" have been realised after it emerged Donegal does not exist on the maps of the Government`s crisis response headquarters.

The apparent oversight at the National Emergency Co-ordinating Centre was further proof the Republic's second-largest county does not exist in the minds of central policy-makers, senior politicians claimed.

Charts on the walls of the taskforce HQ, two floors up in Dublin's Agriculture House, show in detail the east, west and south of Ireland.

But in the event of a major catastrophe hitting Donegal or the north, crisis management teams will have to scramble outside the nerve-centre to locate a map of Ulster, it seems.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Icelandic volcano is affecting area Airports with both the Donegal & Derry Airports closed:
This means all flights in and out of City of Derry and Donegal Airports have been grounded, with Ryanair cancelling all flights into and out of Ireland, as well as internal flights, until one pm on Monday.

However, the crisis could stretch beyond Monday, with holidaymakers from Ireland facing the prospect of being stranded in Europe until next week.

Yours truly, is booked to fly Boston->Dublin on Thursday keep your fingers crossed that I make it! If I can make it, I'll be driving straight down from the Airport to Donegal Town. If anyone needs a lift, let me know. I could do with the company to keep me awake. :)

OceanFM & The Bluestack Jammers

Tune into OceanFM tonight, April 18th 2010, at 8pm to the Bluestacks Jam club and the Laghey Blast Festival will be feature.

And you don't need to be in Donegal! You can listen to OceanFM on the web at:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Concert at the Bosco Center and support the Summer Festival

Big band sound by Keith McDonald and his Band followed by a disco at The Pavesi (The John Bosco Center) tonight, April 17t 2010! This is to raise money for the Summer Festival and I hear that not too many people showed up for last night's gig. If they don't raise enough money it's going to be tough to have all the planned activities at the Summer Festival. Last night drinks were dirt cheap, with all pints and bottles €3.50 maybe they'll do the same tonight?

If your on Facebook you can RSVP at:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lough Eske Castle

Found this video on Youtube that someone did of Solis Lough Eske Castle:

Monday, April 12, 2010

30 years on the go at Ballyshannon, Donegal Ireland

This great pic was taken during the Ballyshannon Folk Festival of the ticket office. Thanks to AoghanArt for the pic!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Donegal Town Summer Festival

The Donegal Town Summer Festival takes place from July 1st to July 4th 2010 and the following bands will be playing over the weekend:
  • The Saw Doctors
  • John Shelly and The Creatures
  • Republic of Loose
  • delorentos
  • Smash Hits
  • Rac’N’Ruin
The Festival is also organising various fund raisers such as quizes, concerts, fashion shows to raise money to run the Festival. Remember, most of the activities at the Festival are FREE, and the Festival needs to raise run to pay for everything from the Bands to the Stage, to the bouncy castles!

So support what you can, such as the concerts in the Pavesi (Bosco Center) next Friday and Saturday nights (3.50 for pints and bottles), and the Girlies Night Out on May 21st.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mountcharles March 1991

Thanks to sludgegulper, on Flickr, for this auld pic of Mountcharles.

He also has a load of other pics from around the county during the late 1980's and early 1990's:

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Scooby Doo seen in the Eske

Scooby Doo Monster at Donegal
Thanks to Pitmatic, over on Flickr, for the pic.

And the aftermath:

Scooby Doo Sea Monster at Donegal the Aftermath

Donegal Deprived?

There now, is that a surprise?
Donegal has been consistently ranked as the county with the highest level of deprivation and disadvantage since 1991 a new study by Donegal County Council has found.
The document, Planning for Inclusion - A Statistical and Mapping Toolkit, outlines the levels of marginalisation, deprivation and disadvantage throughout the county in areas such as health, education, employment and access to services and will be a valuable tool for any agency, community group or Government department when planning the delivery of services and supports. The Research and Policy Unit and the Social Inclusion Unit of Donegal County launched the document on Wednesday.

Auld Barnesmore Gap

Another auld pic of Donegal from the US Library of Congress. This is of Barnes Gap, and it looks like it's looking west towards Donegal Town. The railway tracks is in the foreground and the road through the Gap is in the background.

Howard Temple passed away

Howard Temple, Chairman of Magees, passed away this week. Howard was 97, and is survived by his wife Maureen, son Lynn, and daughters Claire Moore and Caroline Brabazon.

The Donegal Democrat reports:
The town of Donegal was in deep shock yesterday afternoon as news emerged that one of the town's most prominent residents and a captain of industry in the county had passed away.
Howard Temple, Chairman of Magee of Donegal, just a few months short of his 97th birthday, peacefully passed away yesterday afternoon after bravely fighting a long illness.
And the Irish Times has an indepth article about Howard and about Magees and its founding (and where I got the photograph of Mr. Temple):
The Magee title dates from a previous owner who founded a drapery shop in Donegal town in 1866. The owner’s brother owned a hotel and was so impressed with the sales skills of a teenage Robert Temple, who sold him a pair of woodcock, that he recommended him as an apprentice.
The apprentice became the owner of the shop in 1900 and decided to keep the name Magee. The business had already expanded to purchase homespun hand-woven tweed around the fairs in southwest Donegal.
Robert Temple was joined by his eldest son Howard in 1931, just three years after the family moved from living quarters above the shop to a new home at the edge of Donegal town. Howard felt a natural drive to become actively involved in the family business and studied at home in the evenings for a university degree.
My condolences to the Temple family.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Some news tidbits from the past fews days.

There may be huge ESB pylons up around Errigal. Some people think it's bizzare to put them near such a scenic tourist attraction and near farms and livestock:
Thanks to The Donegal News for the Image

Two Rottweiler dogs attack and kill 24 sheep in Fintown. Now if you have dogs, especially big powerful dogs like that, keep them leased! I guess on the bright side, it's not a wild cat.
"We were so excited about the new lambs coming. Most farmers look after their sheep extremely well and dread this kind of thing happening. Anyone with a heart would know what we are going through.

"I would appeal to the better half of the owner to come forward and give that young lad a few euro for his sheep," she said.
The Bomb Squad had to come all the from Athlone (again) to defuse that bomb at the Head Shop in Letterkenny. A local politician suggested that maybe cooperation should be done with the bomb squad in Derry. Now, I don't think too many people would too happy to see the British Army spinning across the border, but, if it could save lives why not. What do you think? Read the article for more:
Senator Cecilia Keaveney (Fianna Fáil) said consideration should be given to co-operation with the British army in terms of bomb disposal units in Derry when there were bomb scares so close across the Border in Donegal.

“Surely these people would not be waiting six or seven hours for the bomb squad to come from Athlone. A number of months ago I tried to get the bomb squad reinstated in Finner, Co Donegal, and I was told we didn’t have enough incidents in this area.

“The reality is we don’t want any incidents that we cannot get rid of immediately. We’re looking for the inconvenience to be minimised.”

... Army spokesman said the explosive device at the Yutopia adult shop on Pearse Road, Letterkenny, was deemed to be viable. “It had all the components necessary to go off and explode. To make it safe the bomb control officer had to carry out a controlled explosion.”

Several dozen people were evacuated from apartments in and near the building when gardaí raised the alarm shortly after 1am yesterday.

The Army bomb disposal team which had to travel from Athlone arrived at 5am, and pronounced the area safe at 6.20am.
On the other hand, maybe that's the best way to get a section of bomb squad closer to Donegal, embarrasses the Goverment! I mean seriously, shouldn't all the bomb squad be closer to all the border counties, especially with all the carry-on going on at the moment?

Planning permission is down by 50%. Is this a surprise? Maybe people should be concentrating on selling some of the empty houses lying around the place? Are there really as many empty houses as the news has been telling us?

A Ballintra National School wins an award!
The months-long painstaking work of a Donegal school were rewarded last Friday, when it was awarded the prestigious Environmental Green Flag ... The Green School initiative takes pupils through a series of steps and activities of environmental themes. A flag is only awarded once all of the steps have been completed.
And the Inver Lord Mayor race raised over 37,000 Euro for charity! Well done Inver.
Last Friday night the parish certainly lived up to its reputation, as, at the Mayoral Election in the Milltown Bar, it emerged that the mayoral race raised more than €37,000 for Donegal Branch of the Alzheimers Society.

After a long and hard campaign lasting over two months, and an extremely tight contest, the new Lord Mayor of Inver Parish was named as James McGroary from Frosses.

Also, feel free to let me know of any news that you think should be posted here. I reserve the right to ignore your suggestions. ;)

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