Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wildfires kill Wildlife

There's been a spate of wildfires in the county, a Donegal based Ranger warns about settings the fires when it's been dry and the danger it has on local wildlife:
“March was one of the driest months on record, with little or no rain and still no sign of the new flush of grass. These all-consuming fires spread with lightning speed, destroying significant areas of woodland and hill grazing. Ground-nesting birds, small mammals, lizards and frogs have been wiped out.

“During the winter months, fires have traditionally been used as an effective tool to burn off dead vegetation in areas destined for cultivation or turf cutting in the coming year. This practice was always carried out in a controlled and responsible manner and could, when properly carried out, often improve the layering of habitat for specific species such as grouse.

“However lighting fires at this time of year, within the legally defined bird breeding season of March 1 to August 31, and leaving them unattended is totally irresponsible and completely destructive.”
And its not just wildlife that's at rick, it's also people and their homes!

The pic above shows Sliabh Sneacht on Fire and it was taken by leppre over on Flickr. leppre and EMT (Ambulance Man) and if you watch his photostream you'll see some of the chaos he has to deal with because of car accidents, fires etc ...

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