Sunday, March 07, 2010

Theme Changes!

I was messing around with the theme as it's that time of year. Based on the feedback, folk didn't seem to be wile fond of it! I used a pic of Carol Singers on the Diamond in 2008 as the header pic, and a red/black theme. But I guess it looked a bit cold.

I'd started messing with the theme to see if that would fix issues I was having posting links on the Donegal Friends group page on Facebook. When I post links I don't see the summary nor of the posting, just the general summary for the blog itself.

Googling the problem returned some forums where people said it was related to an old theme or themes and it not displayed the meta-date correctly. Basically, the meta-data has a summary of the posting, which is what Facebook reads to display the summary. Hence, new dark theme (which is now no more) and the problem not fixed on FB ... grrr! :)

Ok, so the current theme is using a cropped version this pic I took at Murvagh a few years ago.

Awaiting the sunset & the rain.

It was a lovely warm sunny day, with this huge storm front looming in from the Atlantic. We roamed up and down the shore for about 2 hours, and just as we got back to the car I took this pic. She appeared to be enjoying the gloriousness of the day and the first few rain-drops as the sun set.


Anonymous said...

Mick I love the new theme and the photo is magnificent. I recognized it straight away, as I was with you that day. But now it's transformed,in a luminous and mystical way thanks to touch ups I presume..Tis almost like its part of an animation.

Mick T. said...

Glad you like the theme Jeannie, and thanks for commenting! :)

Maybe we'll get a few more good pics at Murvagh in April. :)

spur said...

Stunning photo for your new theme...well done

Mick T. said...

Thanks Spur! :)

Razmondo said...

Thumbs up! to the new theme and pic O'Great one :) Not sure what you were referring to about links/posts. Was it about linking from Donegal friends to Facebook or visa versa..
Run it past me again and if I can, I will try and help resolve.All, looks brilliant.

Mick T. said...

Hi Raz,

I started a Donegal Friends Facebook group. And when I post a link to one of the postings on the blog, facebook doesn't show a summary of the post. Do ye know the way when you put a link on your profile, it shows the first few lines. Well it doesn't do that for whatever reason.

Anyway's I think the new theme is nice change. Let's see what'll happen next year. :)