Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re-imagining Donegal Town

Thanks to Jumper O'Kelly for posting this over in the discussion form on the Donegal Friends Facebook group:
An interesting advertisement from the current edition of the "Donegal Times";

Re-imagining Donegal Town

An initiative which seeks to harness young available creative talent to make a new vision for Donegal. Please apply if you have a background in architecture, art, economics, tourism, ecology or planning and want the experience of being on a design team. The Donegal Chamber in association with Marcus Flannery Landscape Architecture and Urban Design seeks expressions of interest from individuals interested in volunteering their talent to participate in the preparation of a new vision for Donegal Town.

Expression of interest to join the core design team or the steering group should be sent ot Marcus Flannery before Monday, 22nd March. Expression of interest to participate from community groups, developers, local businesses, agencies or the public are encouraged to make contact or to attend the planning clinic.

Anyone interested in being involved should email the following address: or contact Marcus Flannery at 087 4109204.

Detailed Article: Re-Imaginging Donegal Town

Re-imagining Donegal Town is a future visioning process to be launched on Monday 22nd March and to run for 4 weeks; the aim is to generate a renewed vision for Donegal Town. The visioning process is open to all; the initiative is prompted by the economic recession which requires us to all think anew for the new decade ahead and the desire to tap into and harness the availability of creative talent, experience and local knowledge both within and outside Donegal Town.

The visioning process will generate and disseminate a renewed urban vision for Donegal as a kickstart to helping the town see and reach its unique potential. The process is supported by the Donegal Chamber and will be led by Marcus Flannery who is an experienced urban designer and landscape architect based in Donegal Town.

There are four ways that people can participate as follows:

1) A multi-disciplinary design team will be formed; the team will be selected from available creative talent interested in volunteering for the process; this is an ideal opportunity for graduates looking for experience on their CV's; the aim is to get a mix of diverse but relevant backgrounds; architecture, planning and economics will be core but there will also be roles for those with backgrounds in economics, tourism, ecology, the arts, film, engineering and social sciences.

2) A steering group will be assembled to liaise with the think tank to ensure ideas are grounded in reality; ideally this group will comprise experienced professionals (architecture, engineering, quantity surveying, economics, tourism) and local community activists.

3) A planning clinic will be held locally to get the views, knowledge and ideas of the general community.

4) Planning meetings will be held to get the views of community groups, local businesses, developers and agencies interested in feeding into the process

And thanks to the Donegal Times for supporting Donegal Town!

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