Monday, March 01, 2010

Litter Louts

Litter Louts up near Carndonagh ruin a scenic spot (that's exactly what the tourists want to see and we need them with the state of the economy at the moment) and possibly affect the area's drinking water.
... The president of Mountaineering Ireland, Alan Tees, said the dumping is harmful for everyone.

"It is going to pollute the water system. People need to understand this is our environment and we need to look after it."

"I know there is an ongoing debate about the cost of getting rid of rubbish in Donegal and people now have to pay to get rid of rubbish.

"The water runs down into reservoirs and we all end up drinking it, so it affects all of us," he said.

So now the Council will have to clean up the mess (and money's tight enough as it is) and the tourists we desperately need to spend their hard-money in Donegal are going to see shite like this and wonder why did they bother coming to Donegal for the nature and scenery if the locals don't give a shite about it.

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