Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jobs, Crime, Unemployment, Fishermen

A bunch of various articles I thought U might find interested. First up a wee dialog about Killybegs and that Irish fishermen have to go to Chile to fish.
Other than hunt for fish that far from home, there seems with quota regulations, little opportunity or chance that fish caught by Killybegs/Irish boats will be landed locally for some time.

It's much more likely that boats from non-Eu countries and fleets that don't bear an Irish flag, will do so, but not the boys from Killybegs.
The same article goes on about how good this year's Ballyshannon Drama Festival was.

As I'd warned last year, petty crime is up, and 2 people were in court shoplifting food!
Last Monday Letterkenny District Court heard from a Garda Inspector that there has been a rise in the number of crimes committed by people stealing basic items such as food and household goods.
In at least one of these cases, it's because the individual claims unemployment benefit was denied.

There are plans to bring employment to the county, but we'll just have to wait and see how successful these are. When the world-wide economy is bad like this, there's a lot more competition for available jobs and companies go looking for whom will give them the best tax breaks, build the best facilities for them, and train the workers. Then they feck off after a few years screwing the local government and population and setting up base somewhere else.
There is currently over 21,000 people on the Live Register in Donegal alone. (Mick's note: double what it was last year.)

Donegal and Sligo along with other employment blackspots such as Limerick and Waterford will obtain fifty per cent of the new Foreign Direct Investment jobs created by the IDA, along with other parts of the midlands.

The Government’s emphasis is now firmly on China, India, Russia and Brazil in terms of attracting investment.  Tanáiste Mary Coughlan is due to outline the strategy in full at 2.30 this afternoon at IDA headquarters in Dublin.
Isn't Ireland competing against India & China for low-income jobs?

The PSNI, accidently set up a check-point in Donegal, near Beleek:

And finally, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Town went really well! Now does anyone have any pics they want to share?

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Mick T. said...

And someone broke into a house in Castlefin while the owner was at home:

The man broke down the back door with a hatchet and was scared off by the homeowner, an elderly lady, and her friend.