Saturday, March 06, 2010

Head shop debate

Approx 150 people showed up to discuss the two head shops in town (I didn't realise there were two!).

A petition is to be sent to the Tánaiste as controversy over so-called 'head shops' continues in Donegal Town. Around 150 people turned out in the Abbey Hotel last night for a meeting on the issue as concerns grow over the impact of 'herbal highs' ...

A steering committee was established to devise the next step, with a petition to be sent to Mary Coughlan's office and the proprietors of both shops.
The meeting also heard from local priest and addiction counsellor Fr James Sweeney, who warned that drugs are easily available in every parish in the country. Fr Sweeney also said the closure of head shops is only part of the solution when it comes to tackling drug addiction.
Tom Conaghan, who plans to run in the Donegal South West by-election once it's called, was involved in organising last's night meeting. He said last night marked a start in the community's campaign against head shops.
Much of last night's debate centred on whether or not protests should be held outside the shops ...

Independent Donegal County Councillor Thomas Pringle said dignified demonstration could be part of the group's overall strategy.
It was decided the group would meet again in three weeks time.
My opinion; head shops are a distraction from the hardcore illegal drugs that are available all over the county. I suspect that many people are upset that the head shops are visible on the Main Streets of Ireland and Donegal and are quite happy to be ignorant the real drug problems that are festering away in our land. I say keep the head shops visible and watched and concentrate on what really is the problem; hard-core addictive substances that are killing people and ruining their families and causing increases in crime. I don't often agree with the clergy, but I agree with Father Sweeney that head shops are a part of the problem.


Anonymous said...

WTF there's no need for 2 let alone one!!! I've a friend who used to work in The Hemp Store, and she said the heads on the lads coming looking for the legal highs were not nice,they were all just F***** up. It used to make her hate working there !! .Would hate to see that happening in Donegal.

Mick T. said...

Instead of this "legal" crap, they can go but crack, heroin, coke, or whatever else they fancy on the black market, and all this shite is available in Co. Donegal.

I don't agree with head shops, but I think they're better than sweeping the drugs problem under the rug and pretending it doesn't exist.