Monday, March 15, 2010

Hanna Hats and Mary Coughlan

Nice pic of John Hanna of Hanna's Hats with the Tanaiste Mary Couglan. Thanks to Imaging at CCol on Flickr for the pic.

John Hanna of Hanna Hats in Donegal Town and US buyer Wendy Gardiner from LL Bean with Tanaiste Mary Coughlan at Showcase 2010
Originally uploaded by Imaging at CCoI

LL Bean is a big US catalog company based in Maine. If your in the US and LL Bean is selling Hanna's Hats, I encourage you to buy one and support a Donegal business.

Original Post at Donegal Friends.


Anonymous said...

Hammacher Schemmler also sells Hanna's Hats! Check it out, they ship to Canada as well!

Mick T. said...

Thanks for that Anon! Hats available at: