Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cars, VAT, & Mobile Phones

The Gardaí are going to be clamping down on people driving and using the phone! So put yer phone away or pull over.
A Garda Traffic Inspector has said many drivers in Donegal appear to be 'ignoring' the ban on using the mobile phone while driving ... He said: "When you're using the mobile phone it distracts you from your driving and you're not concentrating properly, you're putting other road users at risk and it can lead to very serious road traffic accidents."
A lot of drivers were also guilty of texting while driving.

"A woman told me recently that she can only text effectively when she is driving. I was shocked. To think that somebody is driving, changing gears, trying to control the car and at the same time sending text messages is just ridiculous."
It is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone when driving, he said. And a lot of cars have been impounded for not paying tax, insurance, or VRT:
Gardaí in Donegal seized almost 1,000 vehicles last year because their owners failed to pay the appropriate tax, insurance or VRT.

Many of them were impounded under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act which entitles Gardaí to take a vehicle off the road if they discover that tax or insurance has been left unpaid for three months or more. Section 20 of the same act says that they can also impound a vehicle if it is deemed to no longer be roadworthy ...

Some 457 of these were collected by their owners, but 270 were not, and ended up being taken away and either sold or scrapped – in what gardaí describe as an 'environmentally-friendly fashion'. In 2008, 603 vehicles were impounded - 453 of which were later handed back to their owners.
If you car is impounded, it's going to cost ye a fair bit to get it back, beside paying the taxes or whatever, you'll have to pay storage fees and other such shite:
Motorists who have their car impounded under Section 41 are charged €125 for the first 24 hours or part thereof and €35 per 24 hours thereafter.
I have to give the "Derry People Donegal News" credit, they've been putting some decent articles on their site (even if their coverage of Southern Donegal is paltry at times). Go click on their ad's and support their online version of the paper.

Thanks to SewerDoc on Flickr for the pic of the Garda Station.

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