Monday, March 29, 2010

Bomb Scares

There were two bomb scares in the county in the past day.

The first was a pipe-bomb left outside a head shop in Letterkenny:
An improvised explosive device found outside a head shop in Co Donegal has been made safe by the Army.The device was left on Pearse Road in Letterkenny overnight.

The area was evacuated before the bomb was made safe by the Army bomb disposal team shortly before 6.00am. The area was declared safe and residents were allowed to return to their homes.
The 2nd was at Bridgend near Derry, where all the residents were evacuated:

Hundreds of residents in Bridgend, 5km from Derry, were moved out of their homes after a bomb warning call was made to Buncrana Garda station at 7.40pm.

The area was sealed off while the Army bomb disposal unit was called to the scene. It was en route to the scene late last night while local residents made arrangements for overnight accommodation. ...

... “A call was made to Buncrana Garda station at 7.40pm saying there was a bomb in Bridgend and that we had one hour to evacuate the area.”

... a white Transit van was seen parking in the car park of a Bridgend amusement arcade, the Blackthorn. The hazard lights were left on and a man was seen leaving the van ... there were reports that a van had been hijacked in Derry by a number of armed men.

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Mick T. said...

A controlled explosion was performed on the device at the Head Shop: