Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Bog Hotel in Court!

The bog hotel is safe! :)

Patsy Brogan of Frosses had been prosecuted by Donegal County Council under planning legislation for running an illegal pub in his shed.
Judge Kevin Kilrane dismissed the charge of failing to comply with an enforcement order to restore the shed on his property to its original use.
The judge ruled that the local authority had not provided adequate evidence that the converted shed in the Bluestack mountains was being used as a bar and lounge.
He said the shed had been converted to look like a bar and lounge and added 'he just might like the idea of looking at it as a bar and lounge, many people have bars with bar stools in the basements of their home'.
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Mick T. said...

Patsy, your a wile man indeed, and we're all jealous. :)

"THE owner of the infamous 'Bog Hotel', who announced plans to marry his 29-year-old barmaid, has now asked his solicitor to be best man at their wedding after a court acquitted him of running an unlicensed bar.

Solicitor Paudge Dorrian persuaded Donegal District Court last Wednesday that there was nothing illegal about 72-year-old Patsy Brogan's 60sq m garden-shed bar in a bog in the Bluestack Mountains in Donegal."