Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AVS: Girls 5A 1985

It's a wee bit blurry, but here's a great pic of Girls 5A in 1985!
Thanks to Maria Carroll over on Facebook for the pic! If your on Facebook, you can find the pic over here. Recognise anyone? :)


Anonymous said...

Back Row:x,x, Cathy Breslin, Anne Ward, Catherine Bell, x, Geraldine Boyle

Middle Row: x, Odette Williamson, x, x, x.

Front Row: x, x, Elaine Curristan, x, Maria McHugh, x, x, x.

Anonymous said...

Back Row,: Julie Bustard, Mary Brady, Kathy Breslin, Ann Ward, Catherine Bell, Jacqueline Carr, Gearldine Boyle
Middle Row: Sue Daly, Odette Williamson, Rosario Meehan, Anne Boyle, Carmel Boyle
Front Row: Anita Gallagher, Kathleen Breslin, Elaine Curristian, Marguerite Gallagher, Maria McHugh, AnneMaire Gallagher, Bernadette Carr Marita Glackin

Mick T. said...

Wow, great! Thanks for all the names. :)


Iain Hasdell (@ihasdell on Twitter) said...

just stumbled across this.

Mary Brady and Cathy Bell made me so welcome when I was a student in the late 1980's in the North in Derry - where they were too. I also got to know Kathy Breslin a little.
I hope life has treated you all well.