Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cars, VAT, & Mobile Phones

The Gardaí are going to be clamping down on people driving and using the phone! So put yer phone away or pull over.
A Garda Traffic Inspector has said many drivers in Donegal appear to be 'ignoring' the ban on using the mobile phone while driving ... He said: "When you're using the mobile phone it distracts you from your driving and you're not concentrating properly, you're putting other road users at risk and it can lead to very serious road traffic accidents."
A lot of drivers were also guilty of texting while driving.

"A woman told me recently that she can only text effectively when she is driving. I was shocked. To think that somebody is driving, changing gears, trying to control the car and at the same time sending text messages is just ridiculous."
It is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone when driving, he said. And a lot of cars have been impounded for not paying tax, insurance, or VRT:
Gardaí in Donegal seized almost 1,000 vehicles last year because their owners failed to pay the appropriate tax, insurance or VRT.

Many of them were impounded under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act which entitles Gardaí to take a vehicle off the road if they discover that tax or insurance has been left unpaid for three months or more. Section 20 of the same act says that they can also impound a vehicle if it is deemed to no longer be roadworthy ...

Some 457 of these were collected by their owners, but 270 were not, and ended up being taken away and either sold or scrapped – in what gardaí describe as an 'environmentally-friendly fashion'. In 2008, 603 vehicles were impounded - 453 of which were later handed back to their owners.
If you car is impounded, it's going to cost ye a fair bit to get it back, beside paying the taxes or whatever, you'll have to pay storage fees and other such shite:
Motorists who have their car impounded under Section 41 are charged €125 for the first 24 hours or part thereof and €35 per 24 hours thereafter.
I have to give the "Derry People Donegal News" credit, they've been putting some decent articles on their site (even if their coverage of Southern Donegal is paltry at times). Go click on their ad's and support their online version of the paper.

Thanks to SewerDoc on Flickr for the pic of the Garda Station.

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Wildfires kill Wildlife

There's been a spate of wildfires in the county, a Donegal based Ranger warns about settings the fires when it's been dry and the danger it has on local wildlife:
“March was one of the driest months on record, with little or no rain and still no sign of the new flush of grass. These all-consuming fires spread with lightning speed, destroying significant areas of woodland and hill grazing. Ground-nesting birds, small mammals, lizards and frogs have been wiped out.

“During the winter months, fires have traditionally been used as an effective tool to burn off dead vegetation in areas destined for cultivation or turf cutting in the coming year. This practice was always carried out in a controlled and responsible manner and could, when properly carried out, often improve the layering of habitat for specific species such as grouse.

“However lighting fires at this time of year, within the legally defined bird breeding season of March 1 to August 31, and leaving them unattended is totally irresponsible and completely destructive.”
And its not just wildlife that's at rick, it's also people and their homes!

The pic above shows Sliabh Sneacht on Fire and it was taken by leppre over on Flickr. leppre and EMT (Ambulance Man) and if you watch his photostream you'll see some of the chaos he has to deal with because of car accidents, fires etc ...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bomb Scares

There were two bomb scares in the county in the past day.

The first was a pipe-bomb left outside a head shop in Letterkenny:
An improvised explosive device found outside a head shop in Co Donegal has been made safe by the Army.The device was left on Pearse Road in Letterkenny overnight.

The area was evacuated before the bomb was made safe by the Army bomb disposal team shortly before 6.00am. The area was declared safe and residents were allowed to return to their homes.
The 2nd was at Bridgend near Derry, where all the residents were evacuated:

Hundreds of residents in Bridgend, 5km from Derry, were moved out of their homes after a bomb warning call was made to Buncrana Garda station at 7.40pm.

The area was sealed off while the Army bomb disposal unit was called to the scene. It was en route to the scene late last night while local residents made arrangements for overnight accommodation. ...

... “A call was made to Buncrana Garda station at 7.40pm saying there was a bomb in Bridgend and that we had one hour to evacuate the area.”

... a white Transit van was seen parking in the car park of a Bridgend amusement arcade, the Blackthorn. The hazard lights were left on and a man was seen leaving the van ... there were reports that a van had been hijacked in Derry by a number of armed men.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bluestack Jammers on Easter Monday

The Bluestack Jam Club are having a session on Easter Monday in the Abbey Hotel starting at 9pm. With special guest Matt Mc Granahan from Kintra will be on stage with us for a live music session

Two free Sea Sessions tickets worth €160.00 are to won by some lucky sod. Looks a like a good music at the Sea Sessions, which will take place in Bundoran from 25th - 27th June.

Killybegs in the late 1890's

The US Library of Congress has been scanning its collection of images and posting images from the collection on Flickr. They recently posted a bunch of pic from Donegal and other parts of Ireland, if your interested in old pics of Donegal you should look at these 4 or 5 pics as they're professionally scanned and of high quality. They have Bundoran, Barnes Gap, The Old Castle, Horn Head, and the front page of a newspaper that shows Tory.

Jobs, Crime, Unemployment, Fishermen

A bunch of various articles I thought U might find interested. First up a wee dialog about Killybegs and that Irish fishermen have to go to Chile to fish.
Other than hunt for fish that far from home, there seems with quota regulations, little opportunity or chance that fish caught by Killybegs/Irish boats will be landed locally for some time.

It's much more likely that boats from non-Eu countries and fleets that don't bear an Irish flag, will do so, but not the boys from Killybegs.
The same article goes on about how good this year's Ballyshannon Drama Festival was.

As I'd warned last year, petty crime is up, and 2 people were in court shoplifting food!
Last Monday Letterkenny District Court heard from a Garda Inspector that there has been a rise in the number of crimes committed by people stealing basic items such as food and household goods.
In at least one of these cases, it's because the individual claims unemployment benefit was denied.

There are plans to bring employment to the county, but we'll just have to wait and see how successful these are. When the world-wide economy is bad like this, there's a lot more competition for available jobs and companies go looking for whom will give them the best tax breaks, build the best facilities for them, and train the workers. Then they feck off after a few years screwing the local government and population and setting up base somewhere else.
There is currently over 21,000 people on the Live Register in Donegal alone. (Mick's note: double what it was last year.)

Donegal and Sligo along with other employment blackspots such as Limerick and Waterford will obtain fifty per cent of the new Foreign Direct Investment jobs created by the IDA, along with other parts of the midlands.

The Government’s emphasis is now firmly on China, India, Russia and Brazil in terms of attracting investment.  Tanáiste Mary Coughlan is due to outline the strategy in full at 2.30 this afternoon at IDA headquarters in Dublin.
Isn't Ireland competing against India & China for low-income jobs?

The PSNI, accidently set up a check-point in Donegal, near Beleek:

And finally, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Town went really well! Now does anyone have any pics they want to share?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Marine Tourism & The Tánaiste & Donegal Alive!

Plans to promote marine tourisum in Donegal, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. And a new track was opened at the AVS by Mary Coughlan is now the Minister of Education. I hope Mary can make sure that Donegal's education continues to be good. The Tánaiste has suffered some critism lately and the Democrat has an interview with her where she defends herself.
A new project to promote and develop Marine Tourism in three partner regions is being lauinched today in Donegal Town ... The Sail West project brings together partners from Donegal, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It’ll be launched this afternoon by Tanaiste and Education Minister Mary Coughlan.

Donegal County Council Director of Services Michael Heany says it’s a very significant project for the county.
Donegal County Council is the lead partner in the ‘Sail West’ project. It’s planned that marine infrastructure will be developed along the coast from County Donegal to County Down, and along the West coast of Scotland.

One of the developments include a 1.6million euro sea angling centre at Bunagee.

The Tánaiste will officially launch ‘Sail West’ at Donegal Town’s Mill Park Hotel at 3.30pm this afternoon (March 26th 2010).

Meanwhile, Mary Coughlan will also officially open the new athletics track in Donegal Town later on this evening.

The Minister will do the honours at the Abbey Vocational School at 7pm.

Today’s engagements will be the Tánaiste’s first in Donegal in her new role as Minister for Education following this week’s Cabinet reshuffle.
Some info I found at the  Council's website, where they're looking for a Project Manager:

And this looks like it might be Donegal's Sail West site:

Encouraging people who like sailing to explore the NW coast is a great idea, but I do have to wonder at how many people do go sailing, and in this recession, how many people can afford to go sailing.

Now imagine this, a pile of tourists come sailing up Donegal Bay, where can they berth? And whose going to keep the drunken hordes off their boats on a Saturday night?

Update: There's to be a big initiative to promote Donegal Tourism in Temple Bar in Dublin on May 16th:
A major tourism initiative has been announced to boost all sectors of tourism throughout Donegal. The initiative created and funded by the Donegal Association in Dublin, Donegal Tourism Ltd., Failte Ireland North West and Donegal County Council is set to be a platform event for Co. Donegal and all it has to offer to the visitor. It will be held in Temple Bar, Dublin on Sunday, May 16.
People can expect a “carnival type” atmosphere of music, song, and dance from 12noon – 6pm in Meeting House Square Temple Bar. Top artists from the north-west are being invited to perform at this one day outdoor event and Donegal personalities are being invited to lend their name and time to promote the county.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Head Shops 2

Meeting tonight about the Head Shops controversy:
The next move in a community action in opposition to head shops in Donegal Town will be discussed at a meeting tonight.

It comes three weeks after around 150 people met to voice their worries over the availability of herbal highs in the town.

There are currently two head shops in Donegal Town which legally sell the herbal substances, said to mimic the effects of illegal drugs.

A steering committee has been formed since last month’s meeting where debate centred on whether or not public protest would be an option in the campaign.

Tonight’s meeting will get underway at 8pm in Donegal Town’s Abbey Hotel.

The previous meeting was at the start of March.

Re-imagining Donegal Town

Thanks to Jumper O'Kelly for posting this over in the discussion form on the Donegal Friends Facebook group:
An interesting advertisement from the current edition of the "Donegal Times";

Re-imagining Donegal Town

An initiative which seeks to harness young available creative talent to make a new vision for Donegal. Please apply if you have a background in architecture, art, economics, tourism, ecology or planning and want the experience of being on a design team. The Donegal Chamber in association with Marcus Flannery Landscape Architecture and Urban Design seeks expressions of interest from individuals interested in volunteering their talent to participate in the preparation of a new vision for Donegal Town.

Expression of interest to join the core design team or the steering group should be sent ot Marcus Flannery before Monday, 22nd March. Expression of interest to participate from community groups, developers, local businesses, agencies or the public are encouraged to make contact or to attend the planning clinic.

Anyone interested in being involved should email the following address: or contact Marcus Flannery at 087 4109204.

Detailed Article: Re-Imaginging Donegal Town

Re-imagining Donegal Town is a future visioning process to be launched on Monday 22nd March and to run for 4 weeks; the aim is to generate a renewed vision for Donegal Town. The visioning process is open to all; the initiative is prompted by the economic recession which requires us to all think anew for the new decade ahead and the desire to tap into and harness the availability of creative talent, experience and local knowledge both within and outside Donegal Town.

The visioning process will generate and disseminate a renewed urban vision for Donegal as a kickstart to helping the town see and reach its unique potential. The process is supported by the Donegal Chamber and will be led by Marcus Flannery who is an experienced urban designer and landscape architect based in Donegal Town.

There are four ways that people can participate as follows:

1) A multi-disciplinary design team will be formed; the team will be selected from available creative talent interested in volunteering for the process; this is an ideal opportunity for graduates looking for experience on their CV's; the aim is to get a mix of diverse but relevant backgrounds; architecture, planning and economics will be core but there will also be roles for those with backgrounds in economics, tourism, ecology, the arts, film, engineering and social sciences.

2) A steering group will be assembled to liaise with the think tank to ensure ideas are grounded in reality; ideally this group will comprise experienced professionals (architecture, engineering, quantity surveying, economics, tourism) and local community activists.

3) A planning clinic will be held locally to get the views, knowledge and ideas of the general community.

4) Planning meetings will be held to get the views of community groups, local businesses, developers and agencies interested in feeding into the process

And thanks to the Donegal Times for supporting Donegal Town!

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AVS: Girls 5A 1985

It's a wee bit blurry, but here's a great pic of Girls 5A in 1985!
Thanks to Maria Carroll over on Facebook for the pic! If your on Facebook, you can find the pic over here. Recognise anyone? :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bluestack Jam Club on Easter Monday

A wee message from Greg Gorman of the Bluestack Jammers about the next big Jam Club, which will be a fundraiser for the Laghey Blast Festival.

Abbey Hotel
Easter Monday
April 5th

Friday, March 19, 2010

Battle of the Bands in Cavan

I got a message from Ciaran Mc of Serial Twin saying that they have reached one of the final rounds of the Battle Of The Bands Shercock!
The final will take place on Sat 27 March in the Sail Inn Shercock, Co Cavan. Seven bands including Serial Town will battle it out for the prize of a slot at Glastonbury 2010. A bus will leave from Melody Maker Donegal Town at 2pm on Sat 27th March.

Anyone wanting to book a place on the bus, can contact me on (087) 2352946.

Ciaran Mac
So get out there and support the lads! Also, Pavesi will playing on May 29th to compete for the slot at Glastonbury.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old pics of Donegal Town

Thanks to Jumper O'Kelly over on the Donegal Friends Facebook Group page for this link to old photographs of the Old Abbey. These may have been taken around the 1890's or 1900's.

See here for the pics, there's a whole scatter of them.

I thought the photograph I below was interesting as that detail on the stonework in the foreground isn't there today.

And another, looking down Main Street toward the Diamond from where the entrance to the Car Park is today.

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I almost forgot to wish you a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Last year, Christine took some great pics of the parade. If anyone has any pics of this year's parade and they'd like to share with me I can post them on the blog. In the meantime, here's a pic I took at Murvagh a few years ago. :)
Horse at the Backstrands
Posts on previous year's parades.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

McGonigle Sisters: Creators of Glass

Great article in the Indo about the Glass Studio at the Craft village and the McGonigle sisters. I got a lovely plate from them about 4 years as a present for the missus. They do have some class stuff. They also have great jewellery and small gifts. Pop out there for a gawk some day and visit the other artists and have a lovely wee bit of cake and coffee from Aroma.

Last weekend, on a trip to Donegal, I spotted the McGonigle Glass Studio in the Donegal Craft Centre, on the edge of Donegal town. Here Lyndsey McGonigle and her sister Elaine create the most beautiful glass jewellery, household pieces and absolute works of art. Until I actually looked around the studio, I hadn't realised there was such a demand for glass in so many shapes and forms.

We all think of the utilitarian drinking glasses, fashionable glass dinner plates, chandeliers and so on but up in Donegal, the McGonigle girls are taking the art of glass creation into a totally different sphere in forms both decoratively beautiful and functional, fun and funky.

Lyndsey, 27, and Elaine, 30, are from nearby Rosnowlagh. "Our parents wanted us to be doctors or teachers, but they knew rightly that we were going to follow the art route, for every Christmas it was more pencils and paints!"

... For their shop they mainly do jewellery and small items. They have the most gorgeous chunky beads in different colours for bracelets, vibrant colours, spotted and striped -- you can customise your own -- and even get your initials or special occasion dates put inside. Their pendants are beautiful ...  also fabulously coloured drink coasters, bowls, plates and pictures with customer friendly prices. A really novel idea is glass wedding invitations -- a glass panel on customised cards -- on which the couple can have maybe a heart or their initials inscribed to mark the special day. These run from €3.50 to €6 and are really different.

For the home, they do special windows with fused glass panels. Another thing that really surprised me was that people can get pictures of their favourite photo made in glass.

While I was in the studio, Lyndsey was working on an order for a picture of Donegal Bay. The customer had seen a previous one they had done of Rosnowlagh and loved it.

... McGonigle glass is available in Adrigole Arts on the Beara Peninsula, Etain Hickey's shop in Clonakilty, Co Cork; Ardmore Pottery in Co Waterford; Powerscourt Gallery in the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin; The Cat and The Moon in Sligo; and in O'Reilly and Turpin, Westport, Co Mayo.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hanna Hats and Mary Coughlan

Nice pic of John Hanna of Hanna's Hats with the Tanaiste Mary Couglan. Thanks to Imaging at CCol on Flickr for the pic.

John Hanna of Hanna Hats in Donegal Town and US buyer Wendy Gardiner from LL Bean with Tanaiste Mary Coughlan at Showcase 2010
Originally uploaded by Imaging at CCoI

LL Bean is a big US catalog company based in Maine. If your in the US and LL Bean is selling Hanna's Hats, I encourage you to buy one and support a Donegal business.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Donegal Enterprise Board & OpenCoffee

County Donegal's Enterprise has a really great blog. Recently they had an Enterprise Week with a variety of speakers, with different advise. If your a small business owner, a budding Entrepreneur, thinking of starting your own business, then there may be some useful advise or tips that may help your business:

For budding businesses, it's good to network and events like these can be a good way to network with others and make connections that may help your business in the future.

Their website also has useful information for businesses who wish to start in Donegal:

If your technologist (or a geek) there's an OpenCoffee group that meets in Letterkenny that brings together IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Investors:

Anyone know of any other groups around the county?

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pavesi in Dublin March 19th

If your in or near Dublin on March 19th, Pavesi are playing at Castle Nites in Swords, Co. Dublin at 10:00pm.
  • Castle Nites (@ The Slaughtered Lamb)
  • Location: Main street, Swords, County Dublin
  • Time: Friday, 19 March 2010 20:00
There is a drinks promotion (all long neck drinks 3 Euro).

Castle Nites looks like an interesting location for a gig. Read this article at the Fingal Indo for some background. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Early Paddy's Day with a free song ...

The song's not from me, but from Donegal Town's very own Sean Needham!
Current free featured song is my one Irish style song to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. It’s a refugee's story. I hope you like it and have a great day on the 17th wherever you are. (maybe Bloomsday for those in Copenhagen)

See before it's gone (see the panel on the lower left of the page).

If you Sean, ask him what Granny's been up to.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Curious Couple

Great pic of a couple looking at Charlie Doherty's shop window! Thanks to Jamie Simms on Flickr for the pic.

Curious Couple
Originally uploaded by Jamie Simms

Originally posted on Donegal Friends.

Theme Changes!

I was messing around with the theme as it's that time of year. Based on the feedback, folk didn't seem to be wile fond of it! I used a pic of Carol Singers on the Diamond in 2008 as the header pic, and a red/black theme. But I guess it looked a bit cold.

I'd started messing with the theme to see if that would fix issues I was having posting links on the Donegal Friends group page on Facebook. When I post links I don't see the summary nor of the posting, just the general summary for the blog itself.

Googling the problem returned some forums where people said it was related to an old theme or themes and it not displayed the meta-date correctly. Basically, the meta-data has a summary of the posting, which is what Facebook reads to display the summary. Hence, new dark theme (which is now no more) and the problem not fixed on FB ... grrr! :)

Ok, so the current theme is using a cropped version this pic I took at Murvagh a few years ago.

Awaiting the sunset & the rain.

It was a lovely warm sunny day, with this huge storm front looming in from the Atlantic. We roamed up and down the shore for about 2 hours, and just as we got back to the car I took this pic. She appeared to be enjoying the gloriousness of the day and the first few rain-drops as the sun set.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Head shop debate

Approx 150 people showed up to discuss the two head shops in town (I didn't realise there were two!).

A petition is to be sent to the Tánaiste as controversy over so-called 'head shops' continues in Donegal Town. Around 150 people turned out in the Abbey Hotel last night for a meeting on the issue as concerns grow over the impact of 'herbal highs' ...

A steering committee was established to devise the next step, with a petition to be sent to Mary Coughlan's office and the proprietors of both shops.
The meeting also heard from local priest and addiction counsellor Fr James Sweeney, who warned that drugs are easily available in every parish in the country. Fr Sweeney also said the closure of head shops is only part of the solution when it comes to tackling drug addiction.
Tom Conaghan, who plans to run in the Donegal South West by-election once it's called, was involved in organising last's night meeting. He said last night marked a start in the community's campaign against head shops.
Much of last night's debate centred on whether or not protests should be held outside the shops ...

Independent Donegal County Councillor Thomas Pringle said dignified demonstration could be part of the group's overall strategy.
It was decided the group would meet again in three weeks time.
My opinion; head shops are a distraction from the hardcore illegal drugs that are available all over the county. I suspect that many people are upset that the head shops are visible on the Main Streets of Ireland and Donegal and are quite happy to be ignorant the real drug problems that are festering away in our land. I say keep the head shops visible and watched and concentrate on what really is the problem; hard-core addictive substances that are killing people and ruining their families and causing increases in crime. I don't often agree with the clergy, but I agree with Father Sweeney that head shops are a part of the problem.

The Bog Hotel in Court!

The bog hotel is safe! :)

Patsy Brogan of Frosses had been prosecuted by Donegal County Council under planning legislation for running an illegal pub in his shed.
Judge Kevin Kilrane dismissed the charge of failing to comply with an enforcement order to restore the shed on his property to its original use.
The judge ruled that the local authority had not provided adequate evidence that the converted shed in the Bluestack mountains was being used as a bar and lounge.
He said the shed had been converted to look like a bar and lounge and added 'he just might like the idea of looking at it as a bar and lounge, many people have bars with bar stools in the basements of their home'.
Originally posted at Donegal Friends.

Mining rights for Co. Donegal ...

Company granted "mining" rights to large portions of Donegal:

"This is the same area where Minister Eamon Ryan refused a license to prospect for uranium in 2007, citing the government's opposition to nuclear power, and the significant environmental and public health concerns surrounding uranium mining, including contamination of ground and surface water supplies and radiation levels," the spokesperson said ...
The company who got the rights appears to have been newly created, which may raise some concerns:
The also say Mytilus Mining Ltd was only formed on December 8, 2009 and the registered address of the company is not in Antrim, as stated on the public notice, but is at 74, Haddington Rd, Dublin 4, according to documents lodged with the Companies Registration Office (CRO)
This is also the address of the Ghana Consulate in Ireland, Minerax Ltd and Moydow Mines International Inc and all four share the same phone and fax numbers.
Indeed, they claim, the Ghanaian Honorary Consul, Noel P Kiernan and Joe Breen, a director of Mytilus Mining Ltd, were both directors of Moydow Mines International Inc which had gold and diamond mining interests in Ghana, Sierre Leone, Namibia, Liberia and Angola.
Originally posted at Donegal Friends.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Golden Eagle Poisoned

This has happened a few times before, but someone has poisoned another Golden Eagle. This time a 10 month old chick, who was named Tír Chonaill (the old name for Donegal). The chick was found near Ben Bulben but they suspect the poisoning happened somewhere else. We posted about the birth of 2 chicks last year, and this was probably one of them. In previous occurrences the IFA has condemned the laying of baited poisoned:

Named Conall, after Tír Chonaill (Donegal), the chick was born and reared in a Donegal eyrie last year, and had spent the last four months wandering around Yeats country, on the Sligo-Leitrim border. The bird was one of four fitted with a GPS satellite tag, and had his own blog on the Golden Eagle Trust website.
Two of four golden eagles fitted with satellite tags have now died of poisoning – the first just a year ago in west Donegal before the lambing season.
A total of nine birds of prey – comprising White tailed eagles, golden eagles and kites – have been killed by toxic substances in the last two and a half years.
The bird was found dead on Truskmore mountain, behind Ben Bulben on February 18th, and results of toxicology tests released by the trust yesterday have confirmed that he died after ingesting nitroxynil, poured over the fleece of a stillborn lamb. Nitroxynil is found in Throdax, used to treat liver fluke in livestock.
Lorcan O'Toole of the Golden Eagle Trust said yesterday new-born lambs are not treated for liver fluke, and it is illegal to use such an animal as poisoned bait.
Details have been given to the Garda in Sligo, and Mr O'Toole said that no local farmers in the Glencar waterfall, Lough Gill and Gleniff area had any new-born lambs outdoors.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Litter Louts

Litter Louts up near Carndonagh ruin a scenic spot (that's exactly what the tourists want to see and we need them with the state of the economy at the moment) and possibly affect the area's drinking water.
... The president of Mountaineering Ireland, Alan Tees, said the dumping is harmful for everyone.

"It is going to pollute the water system. People need to understand this is our environment and we need to look after it."

"I know there is an ongoing debate about the cost of getting rid of rubbish in Donegal and people now have to pay to get rid of rubbish.

"The water runs down into reservoirs and we all end up drinking it, so it affects all of us," he said.

So now the Council will have to clean up the mess (and money's tight enough as it is) and the tourists we desperately need to spend their hard-money in Donegal are going to see shite like this and wonder why did they bother coming to Donegal for the nature and scenery if the locals don't give a shite about it.

Original Post at Donegal Friends.

Laghey Blast Festival!

The first Laghey Blast Festival is in Laghey the weekend of May 1st. For more info see the Laghey Blast website:

If you use Facebook, you can join the Laghey Blast group.