Tuesday, February 02, 2010

News: Bits & Bobs

44% if new-borns are to unmarried parents, and that teenage girls in 16 years will their pick of the lads as more boy babies are being born than girl babies:
... almost half of children born in Donegal in the first half of last year were to unmarried parents. The figures from the Central Statistics Office cover Janaury to June of 2009, in that period 1,156 children were born - there were 10% more male babies born than female.

The statistics show that 568 babies were born to married parents, of the 519 that were not, 378 were born to parents living at the same address ... on average will have her first child at 28, and a subsequent child at 31.

A while ago I posted about all the empty houses in the county, now they're saying there's 22 "ghost" estates in the county.
... 22 'ghost estates' with the vast majority of them located in the north and north west of the county ... Professor Rob Kitchin and his research team at the Maynooth-based National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) have calculated the numbers of such estates in each county and mapped them out based on their research.

'Ghost Estates' for the purpose of their research are housing estates with ten or more houses, built since 2005 with 50 per cent of the housing unites either vacant or under construction ...

"This raises a number of questions for those people living in such estates because NAMA, in conjunction with the developer, has six options as to what it will do with vacant and under-construction housing stock in such estates. Each of these options has different consequences for residents."
Read the article for more info.

And you know the way the Government has been telling everyone to shop in the Republic and the County Council are trying to encourage people to shop in Donegal instead of across the border. Well behind me Mum's house they're putting in a new roundabout. She says that the contractor being used is from across the border.

On another note, she's a bit peeved that took down part of the hill behind her as she's got less privacy. With the hill gone the noise of yer man with the Subura racing up and down the lane will be louder what with the braking and that feckin' compressor. And I'm sure him and the other boy-racers will have fun squealing and braking around this new roundabout. It'd be nice if the council consulted with people who live nearby before making changes.

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