Friday, February 05, 2010

News: Bits & Bobs 2

Co. Donegal had the highest rate of redundancies in the country in January:
A total of 166 people lost their jobs in the North West in the month of January.
Redundancy figures released by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment show Donegal had the highest number of job losses at 122.
Sligo followed with 30 while 14 people lost their jobs in Leitrim last month.
Quads denied access, via one entrance, to Tullan Stand:
One of the entry points to Bundoran’s Tullan Strand will from now on be closed off to bikers.
The owner of the land, Charlie Fergus, today confirmed the move in the wake of a wave of complaints in recent weeks against the beach being used as a track for quad bikes.
I don't anything about the situation, but I can guess that too many people on quad bikes are horsing it up and down the strand and are scaring and pissing off anyone not on a quad.

And a huge meteor was seen over the NW recently:
Witnesses in Donegal to a fireball that blazed across the country yesterday are being urged to report their sightings to Astronomy Ireland ... Reports this morning suggest the meteorite may have landed in the northern half of the country ... Frosses man Tommy Brogan was in his workshop at the time of the sighting

He spoke of seeing a bright light heading towards Donegal Town which he claimed looked like a UFO.
OceanFM is great source of local news, but this is just so typical of them; they ask that people contact Astronomy Ireland if they've seen anything but they don't tell anyone how! See, there's this thing called Google on the Internet, and I typed in "Astronomy Ireland", and in 30 seconds I found this:


OK, and now for really feckin' crappy news, this is a headline you'd expect to see from some big European or US city and I'll let it speak for itself:
Report shows children trafficked into Sligo sex industry

And then there's lads wandering around with guns:
Gardai in Letterkenny are continuing to question a man in connection with dissident republican activity. The 49-year-old was arrested in Ballybofey last night after Gardai noticed a group of men acting suspiciously.
Three other men fled the scene and a number of checkpoints have been mounted around the county ... Gardai are appealing to anyone with any information to come forward.
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