Monday, February 15, 2010

Conor Sinclair

Local photographer Conor Sinclair passed away:

... His work featured in numerous publications, including the Donegal Democrat.
Mr Sinclair was also involved in the establishment of community newspaper ‘The Donegal Times’ in 1989.
During a varied and highly interesting life, Conor Sinclair worked in the printing industry, as a Garda, a police photographer in England and was also renowned for his musical talent ... He said there is a deep sadness at today’s news and Donegal Town has lost one of its most “respected sons”.

 Cheers Conor, and happy snapping with the camera where ever you are.

It would be great to be able to see some of the great pics Conor has take over the years, and the pictoral history of the town over the past half century (or more).

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Update: The Democrat has a lovely article about Conor:

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Razmondo said...

I'm very sorry to hear Connor has passed on, he was indeed a gentleman, a entertaining, colorful, witty character, respected by all who knew him. It was my good fortune to bump into him, outside his great friends shop Kevin Quinlans, on my last visit to home and spent over an hour having the banter with him about the characters past and present, that molded the personality of our wee town. He had grasped my interest, jaunted my memory and put a smile on my face.. My sympathies to all the Sincliar family for their loss