Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

May ye all have a great New Year. And here's a story to end the year with, it's about Patsy of the Bog Inn and his Polish friend.
A 72-year-old Irishman in love with a Polish beauty more than 40 years his junior has been forced to delay their Christmas wedding.

Patsy Brogan, who has been married three times before, was planning to set off for Krakow from Ireland with bride-to-be Daria Weiske, 29. But the St. Stephen's Day ceremony has been put on hold until the New Year after Weiske came down with the flu.

“It’s heartbreaking, but we can wait a little while longer,” Brogan said. “She is looking out for me all the time, and believe me, it’s not my money that she’s after.”

A father of nine children, Brogan first married in Manchester in 1957 and then twice again in 1992 and 1995 in Birmingham, where he worked as a pilot before returning to Ireland.

He says his drinking and womanizing cost him his three marriages, but insists his philandering days ended two years ago after meeting Weiske, a former waitress who speaks six languages.

“She could have her pick of a thousand men, but she chose me. She is my pretty little baby. She wouldn’t look at another man, not even if it was Rock Hudson.

"We’re hopelessly in love."
Here's to ye all, and to Patsy & Daria. :)

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