Monday, January 04, 2010

The Gap is clear!

I suggest you watch the local news sites for updates on how good/bad Donegal's roads are. At least the Gap (Barnes Gap) is clear! :)
Motorists across the North West are being warned to be extremely vigilant against treacherous road conditions this morning.
Temperatures plummeted to minus eight in some parts of the region overnight leaving secondary roads especially extremely dangerous.
Primary roads in South Donegal are reported as being passable this morning as it Barnesmore Gap although dangerous conditions are being reported around Letterkenny and Ramelton.

And the Mayor of the county wonder why the council has to "buy" sand instead of using sand from local beaches:
Over sixty council staff have now worked twenty consecutive nights to cover 1200km of Donegal routes.

Five thousand tonnes of grit has been used over that period - the same amount which was used during the entire course of 2008. The public is also being urged to make use of the 45 chipping depots county-wide.

Fianna Fáil Cllr Brendan Byrne has praised the efforts of both council staff and local communities amidst the chaos being caused by the cold snap.

He says it simply doesn’t make sense that the council in a coastal county has to pay out for sand from quarries.
Well it's pretty simple, ye ever hear of this thing called erosion? It can be man-made, and if you do a little bit of searching in the Internet you'll find all shorts of cases where this has caused or has the potential to cause problems (both to the beach itself and a beaches surrounding ecosystem). I'd give the Mayor the benefit of the doubt, in that he may have been asking a question because he doesn't know the answer and that he's not really proposing to remove sand from our glorious precious beaches which are a public amenity and a tourist attraction.

Which reminds me, when I was home in November, I was at the big pier at Mountcharles and one of the neighbours had a big digger almost on the beach which was removing soil and/or sand and depositing it on the field opposite the pier. Anyone know why they were doing this, and is it legal? (I'll add some pics later).

Update: Here's the pics:

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Ruaidhri said...

Not an answer to your question Mick but St. Nauls GAA club took tonnes of sand for the redevelopment of the pitch in Mountcharles some years back - there was some consternation about this at the time too.