Friday, January 01, 2010

Another day stuck in the house in Donegal!

With tempuratures almost as cold as they've been over here (in Boston) a lot of roads are iced over making it unsafe to travel on many secondary roads. Gardai are once again advising people not to travel. And the Sligo <-> Dublin bus route is temporarily canceled due to the state of the roads in Longford.
... Temperatures earlier this morning in both Sligo Town and Donegal Town were recorded as low as minus seven degrees celsius ... Gardai say while main roads are passable with care, secondary roads are in a very dangerous condition, and they have appealed to people not to journey out today if at all possible.
To make matters worse, snow is forecast later for the North West region.

Could you imagine if this was a normal work week, the country would be closed down or or they'd be many, many more accidents as people try to make it to work. I think the Government and the County Councils need to start explaining why the roads aren't clear as this weather has been ongoing since at least December 21st.

Thanks to frankhound05 on Flickr for the pic.
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magnumlady said...

It really has been an awful Winter. Our lane here in Sligo is just like an ice rink. I tried to get out the other day and my car just slid across the drive. I really hope it improves soon.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Brrrrrr! It is that cold in my little village in
Germany too. I have decided to stay indoors
today. Love your blog by the way.

Have a happy New Year!!


Mick T. said...

A friend on Flickr has a pic of what the black ice can do to cars!

This is what it looks like in Boston at the moment! :)

Thanks for the comments, hope ye all warm up soon.