Friday, January 08, 2010

And the Cold carrys on

The cold weather has gotten so bad, and the roads so treacherous that the Army at Finner may be mobilised to provide assistance to surrounding communities:

Members of the Defence Forces are on standby in Finner Camp in South Donegal awaiting requests for assistance from local authorities in the North West.

As the weather continues to wreak havoc on the region, all-terrain vehicles, helicopters and drivers are available to help with distributing medical supplies, transporting people, essential services and a variety of other tasks. Troops must be called upon by local authorities before they are deployed.

And County Council Senior Road Engineer Vincent Lynn warns drivers that because roads look clear of ice doesn't mean they are. And that idiots racings (my words not his) on these types of roads are reckless (sure they're reckless racing on any type of public road):

... Vincent Lynn says while the county's main routes are gritted and passable, they remain highly slippy and drivers must slow down and take care. 100 tonnes of salt is due ... if there's no further snow, there should be enough salt to continue gritting at current levels for the next number of days at least.

He's issuing a strong warning to Donegal road-users this afternoon and also hit out at the "scandalous" behaviour of two drivers he witnessed racing on a treacherous road in the county last night.

The Emergency services are warning people to be stay away from frozen rivers, lakes, and bays. The last thing they want to be doing is sliding the fire engine down some lane to search for a frozen body in the water:

The Democrat reports on how the bad weather limited the number of checkpoints that the Gardai were able to set up over Christmas and New Years, but the numbers getting caught were about the same as last year (which isn't good). Now cop on people!
The Demo has a number of other stories related to the weather and it's affects:

Many of the county's schools are closed due to the slippery roads. Watch OceanFM's site as they appear to be posting a list each day of which schools are closed. Here's the list for today Jan 8th:

If you want to see pics of the snow (I'm assuming your not in Donegal!) the Donegal Group at Flickr has loads of pics of the county with many of the recent pics showing the beauty of Donegal in the snow (and a few cars skidded off the roads too). If your on Flickr please do join the group (and rad the groups's rules) and help promote Donegal:

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