Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vote for Cecilia!

Cecilia McAllister wrote and directed a short film for RTE's Storyland.

Voting starts Jan 29th at Storyland!

See more at RTE, and see more information about the cast and crew and pics of them all in action! :)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Support Haiti and the Donegal Jammers!

There's another Donegal Jam Club on Saturday January 29th in the Abbey Hotel, starting at 9:00pm. Proceeds are to go to help victims of the Haitian earthquake.

The following taken from their Facebook page:
The next Bluesatcks Jam Club open Jam sessions will be on Friday 29th of Jan at 9pm in the Abbey Hotel and then the last Friday of each month for the Winter. We will be doing a fund raiser for The Haiti earthquake victims.
Special guest Donegal town's Elizabeth Lawne will be with us on the night to tell us about her work last year in Haiti on several projects with Gena Heraty (Mayo) and Meave Bracken (Offaly) with the organization Our Little Brothers and sisters:
Elizabeth will returning there to help Gena who has lived and worked in Haiti for over 20 years. They desperately need our help. Please give what you can. If individuals want to organize an event contact Liz after 3pm at:
Contributions are made out to:
Our Little Brothers and Sisters - Ireland. Charity No CHY11953
Account details: Bank of Ireland, Dublin Airport
Account Name: Our Little Brothers and Sisters Account No. 42863621
IBAN IE23 BOFI 9007 4642 8636 21
Also if you want to send money directly to Gena Heraty:
Gena Heraty Fund at AIB Westport III08008 sort code 93-71-69
100% of donations go direct to Haiti. No administration costs are incurred. Both accounts are registered charities. This organization has been working on the ground in Haiti for over 20 years. They have hospitals, clinics, food programs, water programs, schools and an orphanage with over 500 children. They are very well experienced and equipped to cope
with this disaster. Therefore your money goes directly to those that need it.
Friends and colleagues working with the quake victims. We at The Bluestacks Jam Club would like your support on helping those who help them like a T-E-A-M : Together Everybody Achieves More.
 See the Bluestack Jammers Facebook page for more details.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Donegal Medical Card holder will have problems going to the Dentist

If you need dental work done and your on a medical card, get it done now and don't wait!
CCESS to a dentist for Donegal's 47,000 medical card holders may become near impossible if the government goes ahead with proposed cuts to the dental health system.
According to Letterkenny based dentist Terry Fox if the proposed ¤110 million cuts by government go ahead dental practices will close and treatment will be "rationed ...

The population in 2006 was 147,000 so that's almost one third, or 33% of Donegal population!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Get away to Knock!

New bus route to Knock Airport to start:
Starting Sunday 31st January, Bus Eireann will operate 14 new coach services on the Derry-Sligo-Galway and Galway-Sligo-Derry servicing all towns and villages on the routes and Knock Airport.

Should be handy indeed, as before this the only way up and down from Knock Airport was by car.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Or at least on the ground. Donegal Wildlife talks about the first signs of spring, with his usual great macro-photography.

The first signs of spring activity are always near the freshwater stream. Maybe the constantly-flowing water helps the temperature.

A single flower of Lesser Celandine - Ranunculus ficaria - peeked out from the sodden leaves ...
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pic I took a few years ago out near Lough Eske Castle (before it was Solis hotel):

Lough Eske Path.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beak-in on Upper Main Street

If you seen or heard anything let the Gardi know:
... Two premises were broken into on Upper Main Street last Thursday evening.
The culprits broke windows to gain access to the properties, one a house and one a private business, and a number of items were taken.
Anyone who may have been in the area between 6pm and 10pm last Thursday (January 14th) and noticed any suspicious activity are being asked to contact Donegal Town Garda station:

And some cub stole a car to take on a spin to Buncrana:
An arrest has also been made in connection with a car stolen in Donegal Town.
The vehicle was taken from near Bank Walk last Friday but was later recovered in Buncrana.
A teenage male was arrested in connection with the incident and file is to be prepared for the DPP.

(Old) New Row

I uncovered a cache of Donegal Times, from 2004, that I was reading before I put them out for the recycle pickup, and I thought you'd be interested in this pic of New Row from the early 1900's:

Thanks to the Donegal Times for publishing it, and to Seamus Muldoon for sending it in to them! :)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Slieve League

Lovely pic of Slieve League and the Giants table and chair by Francy Cassidy.

Originally uploaded by
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunset near Saint Ernan's.

Here's a photo I took of a beautiful sunset over Donegal Bay near Saint Ernan's. I took it when I was home in November.
Sunset over Donegal Bay

It was a nice day and the I could it was a glorious sunset and I was thinking "where could I go get some good pics of it?". So me and Jeannie, the sis, raced out to St. Ernan's! While we were there Mr. Williamson was harvesting some seaweed to use as fertiliser for his spuds. I hope the spuds turn out well! :)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Residents at Ballyshannon Estate live in fear, other's party on.

Residents at Ballyshannon's Lawne Park have been complaining about "anti-social" behaviour that has many people living in fear and distress.

... Alleged late-night parties, loud music, vandalism, threats and intimidating behaviour have all been cited as major problems, with residents in the estate saying they are living in fear.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said her Christmas was effectively ruined due to a number of anti-social incidents with the noise outside her home "unbelievable".

The woman's young daughter had undergone a hospital procedure but had been unable to get sleep due to the on-going racket.

Another person, who is a relative of a Lawne Park resident, today said she has been unable to visit the family member's home in almost a month; the problem has become so bad.

The woman also alleged that the family has endured assualts, verbal abuse and even had their lives threatened on one occasion.

Efforts are now being made to secure a meeting between residents, Donegal County Council and the Gardai on the issue which residents say has been on-going for quite some time.

Friday, January 08, 2010

And the Cold carrys on

The cold weather has gotten so bad, and the roads so treacherous that the Army at Finner may be mobilised to provide assistance to surrounding communities:

Members of the Defence Forces are on standby in Finner Camp in South Donegal awaiting requests for assistance from local authorities in the North West.

As the weather continues to wreak havoc on the region, all-terrain vehicles, helicopters and drivers are available to help with distributing medical supplies, transporting people, essential services and a variety of other tasks. Troops must be called upon by local authorities before they are deployed.

And County Council Senior Road Engineer Vincent Lynn warns drivers that because roads look clear of ice doesn't mean they are. And that idiots racings (my words not his) on these types of roads are reckless (sure they're reckless racing on any type of public road):

... Vincent Lynn says while the county's main routes are gritted and passable, they remain highly slippy and drivers must slow down and take care. 100 tonnes of salt is due ... if there's no further snow, there should be enough salt to continue gritting at current levels for the next number of days at least.

He's issuing a strong warning to Donegal road-users this afternoon and also hit out at the "scandalous" behaviour of two drivers he witnessed racing on a treacherous road in the county last night.

The Emergency services are warning people to be stay away from frozen rivers, lakes, and bays. The last thing they want to be doing is sliding the fire engine down some lane to search for a frozen body in the water:

The Democrat reports on how the bad weather limited the number of checkpoints that the Gardai were able to set up over Christmas and New Years, but the numbers getting caught were about the same as last year (which isn't good). Now cop on people!
The Demo has a number of other stories related to the weather and it's affects:

Many of the county's schools are closed due to the slippery roads. Watch OceanFM's site as they appear to be posting a list each day of which schools are closed. Here's the list for today Jan 8th:

If you want to see pics of the snow (I'm assuming your not in Donegal!) the Donegal Group at Flickr has loads of pics of the county with many of the recent pics showing the beauty of Donegal in the snow (and a few cars skidded off the roads too). If your on Flickr please do join the group (and rad the groups's rules) and help promote Donegal:

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Monday, January 04, 2010

The Gap is clear!

I suggest you watch the local news sites for updates on how good/bad Donegal's roads are. At least the Gap (Barnes Gap) is clear! :)
Motorists across the North West are being warned to be extremely vigilant against treacherous road conditions this morning.
Temperatures plummeted to minus eight in some parts of the region overnight leaving secondary roads especially extremely dangerous.
Primary roads in South Donegal are reported as being passable this morning as it Barnesmore Gap although dangerous conditions are being reported around Letterkenny and Ramelton.

And the Mayor of the county wonder why the council has to "buy" sand instead of using sand from local beaches:
Over sixty council staff have now worked twenty consecutive nights to cover 1200km of Donegal routes.

Five thousand tonnes of grit has been used over that period - the same amount which was used during the entire course of 2008. The public is also being urged to make use of the 45 chipping depots county-wide.

Fianna Fáil Cllr Brendan Byrne has praised the efforts of both council staff and local communities amidst the chaos being caused by the cold snap.

He says it simply doesn’t make sense that the council in a coastal county has to pay out for sand from quarries.
Well it's pretty simple, ye ever hear of this thing called erosion? It can be man-made, and if you do a little bit of searching in the Internet you'll find all shorts of cases where this has caused or has the potential to cause problems (both to the beach itself and a beaches surrounding ecosystem). I'd give the Mayor the benefit of the doubt, in that he may have been asking a question because he doesn't know the answer and that he's not really proposing to remove sand from our glorious precious beaches which are a public amenity and a tourist attraction.

Which reminds me, when I was home in November, I was at the big pier at Mountcharles and one of the neighbours had a big digger almost on the beach which was removing soil and/or sand and depositing it on the field opposite the pier. Anyone know why they were doing this, and is it legal? (I'll add some pics later).

Update: Here's the pics:

Pictures not to be use without permission. That includes you, The Donegal Times ...
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Friday, January 01, 2010

Another day stuck in the house in Donegal!

With tempuratures almost as cold as they've been over here (in Boston) a lot of roads are iced over making it unsafe to travel on many secondary roads. Gardai are once again advising people not to travel. And the Sligo <-> Dublin bus route is temporarily canceled due to the state of the roads in Longford.
... Temperatures earlier this morning in both Sligo Town and Donegal Town were recorded as low as minus seven degrees celsius ... Gardai say while main roads are passable with care, secondary roads are in a very dangerous condition, and they have appealed to people not to journey out today if at all possible.
To make matters worse, snow is forecast later for the North West region.

Could you imagine if this was a normal work week, the country would be closed down or or they'd be many, many more accidents as people try to make it to work. I think the Government and the County Councils need to start explaining why the roads aren't clear as this weather has been ongoing since at least December 21st.

Thanks to frankhound05 on Flickr for the pic.
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Happy New Year!

May ye all have a great New Year. And here's a story to end the year with, it's about Patsy of the Bog Inn and his Polish friend.
A 72-year-old Irishman in love with a Polish beauty more than 40 years his junior has been forced to delay their Christmas wedding.

Patsy Brogan, who has been married three times before, was planning to set off for Krakow from Ireland with bride-to-be Daria Weiske, 29. But the St. Stephen's Day ceremony has been put on hold until the New Year after Weiske came down with the flu.

“It’s heartbreaking, but we can wait a little while longer,” Brogan said. “She is looking out for me all the time, and believe me, it’s not my money that she’s after.”

A father of nine children, Brogan first married in Manchester in 1957 and then twice again in 1992 and 1995 in Birmingham, where he worked as a pilot before returning to Ireland.

He says his drinking and womanizing cost him his three marriages, but insists his philandering days ended two years ago after meeting Weiske, a former waitress who speaks six languages.

“She could have her pick of a thousand men, but she chose me. She is my pretty little baby. She wouldn’t look at another man, not even if it was Rock Hudson.

"We’re hopelessly in love."
Here's to ye all, and to Patsy & Daria. :)

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