Monday, December 14, 2009

A lot of empty homes

Jimmy Harte, a County Councilor from Letterkenny, claims there's almost 20,000 vacant homes in the county.  The population of the county is only about 150,000 and that sounds like a bit over-building to me. Aren't the council supposed to be there to prevent over-building and such excesses?
He was informed that as of the last Census carried out in Donegal there were 19,043 vacant residences.

These were comprised of 9,725 houses, 1,043 flats and 8,275 holiday homes. This equates to 27 per cent of the total housing stock in Donegal which currently stands at 70,526 ...

"Given Donegal's population of 150,000 the number of houses equates to one house for every two people. That is far higher than the national average and is just not sustainable," said Cllr Harte.

He also stated that the number of vacant properties should raise serious questions for future planning decisions made by the council.

"We have been left with an overhang of properties and we are going to have to seriously consider all planning applications which come in to the council in the future ...

"Now is the time to look at where we are going in the future. We can't just keep building houses because the population is not there to sustain that amount of building.

"There are at least 1,500 people on council housing lists and the council and the department should be buying properties now to address the deficit which exists at a time when prices are low."


Mick T. said...

And planning permission is down by 1/2:

I'm surprised people building houses aren't looking to score a bargain by buying a house that's prebuild. Maybe developers are still building and hoping the punters will come? I supposed if you build something nice enough and good enough it can still sell, even in this market.

Anonymous said...

At least the waiting list for houses is down!