Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dental Work with PRSI

If your getting dental work done on PRSI and you need work done on your teeth, you can make your appointments before the end of 2009 for dates in the New Year and you'll still be covered. If you wait till next year, too bad!


Dentists in Donegal have urged people to sign up before the New Year for dental treatments to safeguard maximum PRSI cover for any treatments required - even if the appointments and treatments don't take place until the New Year. According to local dentist Dr. Dara Reynolds, the recent budget included measures to cut PRSI cover for treatments going forward but NOT for eligible patients who made an appointment to see their dentist before the end of this year.The Irish Dental Association [IDA] has launched a stinging criticism of the recent budget cuts for PRSI payers. In the budget the Government announced that from next year people paying PRSI will only be entitled to a free dental check-up and will no longer receive significant discounts on fillings, extractions, root canal work or dentures. Speaking after the budget the Association said the Government move was "a serious mistake which will penalise many people including tens of thousands who have been paying this PRSI Insurance for years".


taung said...

Nice one Mick, you saved me a few quid!

Mick T. said...

Glad it was of help! Now open wide! :)

Discount Travel said...
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Dentist said...

Well if you are not a dentist person then you better take good care of your teeth, but remember that you still need to visit a dental clinic at least twice a year.