Thursday, December 31, 2009

ATM's interfered with in Donegal Town and other towns

Someone (or someones) tried to break into 3 different bank machines in Donegal Town and bank machines in Ballyshannon & Bundoran:
Three cash machines were targeted in Donegal Town, namely the Ulster Bank ATM at the branch’s former premises on The Diamond, the ATM at Ulster’s Bank current premises on Main Street and the Bank of Ireland ATM which is also located on the Diamond.
Gardai believe at this stage the culprits moved on to Ballyshannon where the Bank of Ireland ATM on Main Street was tampered with and then to Bundoran where those involved used a screw-driver in an attempt to gain access to the Bank of Ireland cash machine on Main Street.
I think you should also be careful if your using any ATM's to make sure there criminals haven't placed skimmers on them in an attempt to clone your card and steal your PIN.

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