Thursday, December 31, 2009

ATM's interfered with in Donegal Town and other towns

Someone (or someones) tried to break into 3 different bank machines in Donegal Town and bank machines in Ballyshannon & Bundoran:
Three cash machines were targeted in Donegal Town, namely the Ulster Bank ATM at the branch’s former premises on The Diamond, the ATM at Ulster’s Bank current premises on Main Street and the Bank of Ireland ATM which is also located on the Diamond.
Gardai believe at this stage the culprits moved on to Ballyshannon where the Bank of Ireland ATM on Main Street was tampered with and then to Bundoran where those involved used a screw-driver in an attempt to gain access to the Bank of Ireland cash machine on Main Street.
I think you should also be careful if your using any ATM's to make sure there criminals haven't placed skimmers on them in an attempt to clone your card and steal your PIN.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Roads are dodgy due to the weather

First there was the snow, now with the snow thawing and refreezing it's creating icy roads and footpaths which has been causing problems for motorists and pedestrians:
A slight thaw over the weekend meant roads were very wet from melting snow, and that has now frozen over leaving untreated roads icy and dangerous, and also making footpaths and walkways very slippy.

Gardai are urging motorists not to drive unless absolutely necessary.

Overnight, particularly dangerous conditions were reported around the corkscrew at Doochary, with the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team being called out at 3.50am to help a man attempting to get to Letterkenny General Hospital.

And the council has been receiving lots of calls about the roads. They've been using a lot of sand and grit and even 2 gritters ended up in the ditch. And with increasing water demand and burst pipes due to the freezing weather, there's water shortages in parts of the county. If you know someone away on holidays you may want to check their house to make sure there's no burst pipes. Or if you've a outhouse connected to the mains check the pipes.

... We've had reports of two county council gritters going off the roads this morning in South West Donegal, and efforts are being made to get a truck with essential supplies such as milk and bread to a community in the glen of Glenties, which has been totally cut off for a number of days.

There have also been reports that the council is running low on supplies of salt and grit. A senior engineer confirmed to us today that there are supply issues, but roads will be gritted this evening and tonight, and fresh supplies are due in tomorrow.

Meanwhile, as problems with water supplies are reported around the county, householders and keyholders are being urged to check unoccupied houses and premises for burst pipes and if necessary, shut off and drain the water system.

Mayor Cllr Brendan Byrne says the water department is under severe pressure, but crews are out in force today. Senior Executive Engineer Con Mc Laughlin says some of the major problems are being experienced in areas serviced by Lough Mourne, and also in East Inishowen, particularly in the area from Redcastle to Ishkaheen

The county council's emergency numbers are under severe pressure, people are being urged to be patient. if they are trying to report faults.

The numbers are 074 91 72288 for the roads service, and 074 91 72399 for the water service.

OceanFM says the water problems are in "Bundoran, Ballyshannon, Rossnowlagh, Ballintra, Donegal Town, Frosses and Inver".

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Diamond, Saint Stephen's Day (Boxing Day) 2009. Thanks for the pic jeannie.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

And a very Merry Christmas to you all. And be careful heading home!

Hours before Christmas Eve large parts of the country were still covered in snow, with overnight showers expected in the west, the midlands and parts of Donegal. And with Met Éireann predicting the wintry weather to continue until at least the end of the week, gardaí have urged those travelling by road, bus, rail and even sleigh to take extra precautions over the coming days.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letters to Santy

This is a cute story I thought I'd share with you all. A man found the letter he and his siblings wrote to Santy over 70 years ago!

Workmen replacing the chimney at Neil Doherty's family home in Buncrana discovered the letters stuck in the flue.

He was only five years of age when his sister Mona wrote the letter to Santa for him in 1941.

"My younger sister was three and I was five, and my older sister was nine.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dental Work with PRSI

If your getting dental work done on PRSI and you need work done on your teeth, you can make your appointments before the end of 2009 for dates in the New Year and you'll still be covered. If you wait till next year, too bad!

Dentists in Donegal have urged people to sign up before the New Year for dental treatments to safeguard maximum PRSI cover for any treatments required - even if the appointments and treatments don't take place until the New Year. According to local dentist Dr. Dara Reynolds, the recent budget included measures to cut PRSI cover for treatments going forward but NOT for eligible patients who made an appointment to see their dentist before the end of this year.The Irish Dental Association [IDA] has launched a stinging criticism of the recent budget cuts for PRSI payers. In the budget the Government announced that from next year people paying PRSI will only be entitled to a free dental check-up and will no longer receive significant discounts on fillings, extractions, root canal work or dentures. Speaking after the budget the Association said the Government move was "a serious mistake which will penalise many people including tens of thousands who have been paying this PRSI Insurance for years".

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Garda Funeral

I'm sure you all heard about the 24 year old Garda who was killed in a car accident recently.
Garda Gary McLoughlin, who was from Ballinamore in Leitrim, and his colleague, Garda Bernard McLoughlin (23), were both taken to Letterkenny General Hospital after a car they had been pursuing towards the border, turned around and drove straight at the patrol car which they had pulled into the side of the road.
According to a garda source the patrol car had pulled in as far as it could onto the hard shoulder but the advancing Astra seemed to lose control and drove straight into the driver's door of the patrol car.
Don McMahan attended the funeral and shared these pictures.
To quote Don:
Garda McLaughlin tragically lost his life in the line of duty and was laid to rest today(December12) in his home village of Fenagh, County Leitrim . Garda McLoughlin was given a state funeral with full An Garda Síochána honors. it was a very moving experience ...
Don also has more photographs on his web site at:

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Bank Walk

Lovely photograph taken around the Bank Walk taken by Morgan Mullooly on Flickr.

Bank Walk, Leaf Waterfall

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lough Eske Panoramic

Lough Eske
Originally uploaded by ROBoyle

Lovely panoramic photograph of Lough Eske, taken by a friend of ROBoyle! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

A lot of empty homes

Jimmy Harte, a County Councilor from Letterkenny, claims there's almost 20,000 vacant homes in the county.  The population of the county is only about 150,000 and that sounds like a bit over-building to me. Aren't the council supposed to be there to prevent over-building and such excesses?
He was informed that as of the last Census carried out in Donegal there were 19,043 vacant residences.

These were comprised of 9,725 houses, 1,043 flats and 8,275 holiday homes. This equates to 27 per cent of the total housing stock in Donegal which currently stands at 70,526 ...

"Given Donegal's population of 150,000 the number of houses equates to one house for every two people. That is far higher than the national average and is just not sustainable," said Cllr Harte.

He also stated that the number of vacant properties should raise serious questions for future planning decisions made by the council.

"We have been left with an overhang of properties and we are going to have to seriously consider all planning applications which come in to the council in the future ...

"Now is the time to look at where we are going in the future. We can't just keep building houses because the population is not there to sustain that amount of building.

"There are at least 1,500 people on council housing lists and the council and the department should be buying properties now to address the deficit which exists at a time when prices are low."

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Solis Hotel

The Solis Hotel at Lough Eske Castle wins an award for Luxury Hotels at the "World Luxury Hotel Awards" in Bangok:

... The Solis Lough Eske Hotel, Donegal's only five-star hotel, beat off competition from hotels around the world to scoop the coveted award at the World Luxury Hotel Awards last weekend.

"This is also a win for Donegal, which is, in our opinion, Ireland's most beautiful tourist destination," said general manager Andrew Turner, pictured above with staff.
OceanFM's coverage:

This might be a bit of boon for the area, that's assuming anyone ever hears of the award.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009


Pic I took of Murvagh when I was home in November:

Autumn Light over Murvagh Beach

You can see the sis, Jeannie, off in the background enjoy the wide open space and the sound of the surf.

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Vote for Sean Needham for Xmas!

If you like Sean Needham and his music and want to support the Simon Community vote for Sean's song at:

You need an Irish mobile to vote and it'll cost ya €1:

It's simple, to vote for your song text the word SONG followed by a space then F to 57199 (€1 in aid of Simon Communities).

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kee's in Laghy sell winning Lotto ticket!

Must be some family about the town! Whoever ye are congratulations, have some craic with the money, but spend the rest wisely!
A Donegal family of five have collected their Euromillions win of half a million euro today.
The champagne flowed at National Lottery HQ in Dublin this afternoon when the family, who do not wish to be named, collected the cheque for 500,000euro.
Each member of the group will receive 100,000euro.
The 12 euro Quick Pick ticket was bought at Kee's Eurospar in Laghey on Thursday ...


Some amazing photography of Fungi by our friend over in Donegal Wildlife:

At the Drumboe car park, I noticed some Honey Fungus - Armillaria mellea - on an old stump ...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009