Thursday, November 05, 2009

Two arrested for break-ins aroung the town

Two young fellas arrested for recent break-ins:

... Two residences were broken into on Sunday night.

Hundreds of euro worth of property was taken, including mobile phones and Sat Nav devices

Two men in their late teens were arrested yesterday evening and brought to Donegal Town Garda station where they were later charged ...

Gardai in Donegal Town are reminding home-owners to ensure their properties are secure at all times.

The Gardai are right! These boyos (the thieves) know that people are lax in Donegal because stuff like this doesn't happen often, and that people are more trusting (as it's not as anonymous as a city like Dublin). So these bucks know someone will leave the door unlocked while they're out, or a back window open. So be careful, and don't let these lads take advantage of you.

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