Monday, November 23, 2009

New Green Presence for Donegal?

Donegal Greens create a break-away group from the National Green party:

The newly formed National Emerald Forum, a breakaway group from the Green Party are confident of growing their membership in Donegal.

The new grouping was formed in Dublin this week after former members of the Green Party expressed their disagreement with the way the coalition government partners have behaved in power.

The new grouping includes many high profile former green party members including former MEP Patricia McKenna.

Former Letterkenny Town Councillor Frank Gallagher attended the meeting together with up to 40 other local former Green Party members.

Speaking to the Donegal News, Mr Gallagher said the new forum wanted to retain their commitment to sustainable energy and environmental issues while pursuing a more socialist agenda.

"Both of the Donegal constituencies were represented at the meeting in Dublin as were 14 other constituencies from around the country. We are using the title National Emerald Forum as a flag of convenience at the moment until a new name is democratically decided on.

"We are all former Green Party members who were frustrated at how the party was behaving in government. We are for strong local government and policies on the ground. It is a shame the way Donegal has been treated over the years. Up here we have become fairly independent and we saw that in the Lisbon Treaty vote," Mr Gallagher said ...

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