Sunday, November 01, 2009

Jobs down, wife battering up

Some more, oh so jolly news due to this blasted recession. Besides, jobs losses, budget cuts, VAT increases, now spousal abuse is on the rise and it's probably because of the hard times we're living in. The Democrat reports that the Donegal Women's Domestic Violence Service (DWDVS) says that abuse is up a huge 30%, and that the shelter in Letterkenny is full.

The downturn in the economy is having an extreme effect on women in the county with the Donegal Women's Domestic Violence Service (DWDVS) recording a staggering thirty per cent increase in calls to their outreach service and helpline during the first quarter of this year.
Last year, 31 families in dire need of shelter were turned away from this refuge due to the lack of space.

Manager of the DWDVS, Fiona Doherty said: "We are seeing an increase in women stating emotional and financial abuse since the recession with increasing unemployment, mortgage problems or delays with social welfare payments, for example. Women are trapped in relationships because they can't find a job or because they can't sell their homes. This means that domestic violence services here in Donegal are under more pressure to ensure that women and children are safe and can make vital changes to their lives."

... Presently the refuge in Letterkenny is full to capacity. An application has been made by the service for a larger multi-purpose centre with self contained units that could better accommodate more families and they are hopeful that their application will be successful ...

Finola Brennan, of the Donegal Women's Network echoed these sentiments. "The impact that the proposed 60 per cent cut on the national community development programme could have an immense impact on services to women in this county ... All women experiencing violence in Donegal whether it's physical, emotional or financial, are urged to contact Donegal Women's Domestic Violence Service on 24hr free phone Helpline number 1800 262677.

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