Friday, October 30, 2009

Vote for Pavesi in the "Bloom or Gloom" song contest.

I received this from the lads the other day. If you like Pavesi, show your support by voting for them in the "Bloom or Gloom" contest at YouBloom:

Pavesi has entered their song into Bloom or Gloom.YouBloom's weekly song contest.
If you would like to vote for this song, please sign up for YouBloom? on the home page at, and then vote for the song by clicking HERE (Music > Bloom or Gloom). The weekly contest starts on Tuesday at 8:00 am PST each week and ends on Monday at 5:00 am PST the following week.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

At least the price of drink is coming down

Letterkenny publican cutting the price of drink to counter lower prices across the border in an attempt to keep the punters coming across the border (and probably to stop the locals going across the border):

Hugh McGee is cutting the price of Guinness by about 20pc at his bars and hotels in Letterkenny to keep customers coming across the border from the North after the euro's surge against the pound.

McGee reduced the price for a beer this month to €3.50 at his hostelries after the pound's 12pc drop against the euro in the past year led customers from the North to stay home.

"We can't devalue, but our neighbour can and has, and left us high and dry," he said, adding sterling is a "huge" problem. "You've got to try and keep the Northerners coming."

Consumers are heading north in search of cheaper food and televisions, UK tourist numbers are sinking, and exporters such as food company Kerry Group and C&C, the maker of Bulmers cider, are suffering in their largest European market.

"It's nothing but bad news to Irish exporters," said Alan McQuaid, chief economist at Bloxham Stockbrokers in Dublin. "Sterling is a bigger negative force than in any other euro-region country. It's certainly something we could do without."

Last time I was in Derry (about 4 years ago) I was out drinking with friends and was surprised how much cheaper it was compared to Donegal Town (and ye could still smoke in the pubs then too). I was surprised no-one had started doing a package deal with a bed for the night, a bus to bring ye to Derry and pushing the cheaper drink.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Fag wins an award.

Aye I know what yer all thinking with a title like that! The Fag is a film written by some wile nice Donegal and Derry people and it won and award!

Thanks to Siobhan for sending this on to me.

Donegal & Derry Artists Scoop Top Film Award

A new short film by Artists in Creative Enterprise - A Whole Handlin' Production has won the prestigious Clones Film Festival Award 2009. The Fag was filmed, edited and premiered in Clones over the weekend of 23-25 October. Donegal & Derry writers, actors and filmmakers, Pamela Brown, Abby Oliveira, Connor Kelly, Declan Birney, Anthony Nicholson and Patrick Kearney worked collectively to produce a contemporary and provocatively-themed film modelled on the old-style silent movies of Charlie Chaplin, complete with an original music score. The film was among five entries short-listed for the final competition which was judged by three esteemed filmmakers, among them Kevin Allan - Twin Town, The Big Tease, Cody Banks II. The Clones Film Festival is sponsored by Scanbitz and supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. The film was praised after its premiere in a packed Lennard Arms Hotel & Cinema for its quality in terms of creativity, energy, musicality, hi-spec filming and editing, inclusion of local people, and sheer entertainment value. The film was also chosen as the festival winner by the vast majority of the 200 viewing audience who each had a vote.  The original idea for the film was conceived by Pamela Brown, a big fan of Chaplin, who from the start had in mind Derry's fast emerging and multi-talented young artist, Connor Kelly, to play the lead part. Kelly's acting and original music score, which he performed on keyboard during the film's premiere, was praised by the judges as 'superb' and 'astonishing' and spotlighted Kelly as 'a brilliantly-versatile young actor, musician and writer to look out for'. He was supported in his lead part by the other artists and some 30 local residents and visitors to Clones who willing participated in the making of the tragic-comedy film despite heavy rain and strong winds which added great intensity of mood and atmosphere to the film's natural quirky setting of Clones town, the setting also to the hugely successful book and film, The Butcher Boy. The dedicated filming and editing skills of Sligo-born, Letterkenny-based, Anthony Nicholson, ensured that The Fag was always going to be a hot contender for the competition. And after a solid 48 hours of filming and editing with very little sleep, he deservedly collected the competition's prizes on behalf of the collective. Plans are now afoot by the Clones Film Festival organisers to promote this new Irish film to other film competitions across Ireland and beyond. For further details about the film and to host viewings of it, please contact Artists in Creative Enterprise: 074 9158836 / 086 1599068 / You can also discover more about The Fag at

See for more information.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interview with Shay Given

For those of you who don't know, Shay Given is from Lifford and is a goalie for Manchester City and goalie for the Republic of Ireland football (soccer for ye'all on the west side of the Atlantic).

The Irish Times has a good interview with him about his careear and what it's like to play International football:

IT IS 99 games now and heading for 14 years since Shay Given prepared to line out for the Irish senior team for the first time. His family had travelled down from Donegal and the goalkeeper remembers being nervous ahead of what was "a momentous occasion for me and my family".

There might just be a few butterflies tonight, too, as the now 33-year-old leads his country out ahead of appearance number 100 with his two kids, Shayne and Sienna, there to see their father play in a Republic of Ireland jersey for the first time.

Jacknifed Lorry at Clar

One person has been taken to hospital following a collision between a lorry and a car outside Donegal Town this morning.

The collision occurred near DMG Motors at Clar on the Donegal Town to Ballybofey Road at around twenty to nine.

Gardai, an ambulance and a unit of the fire service all attended the scene ...

The emergency services got the road clear:

The road outside Donegal Town at Clar has been cleared this morning following a collision between a lorry and a car.

The accident occured near DMG Motors at Clar on the Donegal Town to Ballybofey Road at around twenty to nine.

The lorry jack-knifed and had been partially blocking the road ...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out in the country ...

Another funny short film from Cecilia:

She has a mini-series of "Paranoid Fat Chick" short films.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sean Needham on a bike

Sean Needham peddling around Copenhagen:

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Donegal Says No?

Voting results indicate that Donegal said "No" to the treaty, albeit by a smaller margin than the last referendum. Can we not just do the best of three?
... At the Donegal North East count centre in Letterkenny, where the tallies have just been completed, it's looking like a 52% to 48% victory, while in Donegal South West, where the tallying is continuing, indications are it's neck and neck.

However, nationally, it's looking like a 60 / 40 split in favour of the Yes side, with NO campaigners conceding defeat. Libertas chairman Declan Ganley and other anti-treaty groups saying the NO vote was defeated because of a dishonest Yes campaign
60% isn't a huge majority for such a major change. And I'd guess the main reason for such a change is because of the dire state of the economy, people are voting about long-term consequences based short-term issues. The dire Economy will last 1-10 years, becoming closer to the EU will last a lot longer than that.

This blog has some interesting analysis:

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Discounts at the Castle and the Railway Center

Bord Failte is advertising discounts on the admission fees at various tourist attractions in the country and the Castle and Railway Center in town are included.

See the following flyer for information:

Donegal Castle
Donegal Town
Donegal Castle was built in 1474 by the O’Donnells, dynastic rulers of the Kingdom of Tirconnell from 1200 to 1601. The English Manor house addition dates from 1623. Restored since 1996, the castle is the premier heritage site of the area.
SAVE 5.00
Normal Admission per Adult: €3.50
Autumn-Saver: €5.00 off TOTAL admission
price for 2 adults. [F]
Offer Valid Sept. 12 to Dec. 4, ’09
* (Open daily 10.00 to 17.00)
T. 074 972 2655

Donegal Railway Heritage Centre
The Old Station, Donegal Town Railway Museum with indoor and outdoor exhibits, artefacts, working scale model railways, storyboards with the history of Donegal’s railways, presentation rooms with permanently running DVDs of the railways. Shop with railway books, toys and souvenirs.
SAVE 2.50
Normal Admission per Adult: €4.00
Autumn-Saver: €2.50 off TOTAL admission
price for 2 adults. [F]
Offer Valid Sept. 12 to Dec. 20, ’09
* (Open Thurs-Mon 09.30 to 16.30)
T. 074 972 2405

Man Stabbed on Aranmore

19 year stabbed on Arranmore Island by a 39 year old. The 19 year old died:
A 19-year-old man has died after being stabbed on Arranmore Island, Co Donegal early this morning.

The man was seriously injured during an incident in a pub at about 2.30am.

He was taken to Letterkenny General Hospital where he died shortly after 10.30am.

GardaĆ­ this evening are continuing to question a 39-year-old in connection with the incident
WTF? A stabbing on Araanmore?